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Nov 01 - 30 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Down the rabbit hole coloralong

Hello coloring friends, I am back with a color along for the month of November! I had taken a long break due to traveling, work and other priorities, but I miss hosting them, seeing and sharing your wonderful works.

It was in November of 1865 that Lewis Carroll published the beloved tale of Alice In Wonderland, filled with whimsical and colorful characters. So, in honor of this amazing story that has given life to countless movies, illustrations, and has inspired artists over decades, I invite you to color an image with this theme.

There are many Alice in Wonderland books exclusively of this story, like the one by Good Wives and Warrior -one of my favorites- or the two by Amily Shen -also great ones. (Swipe to see some examples) There are also many other books that feature one or few pages with the beloved book characters.

If you don’t have any books or pages that are explicitly Alice in Wonderland, you can just pick any image and use Alice in Wonderland as inspiration: perhaps a tea-party scene, a cat with some crazy colors, a rabbit that you add a pocket clock, just use you imagination! 🐇🫖♣️♥️🐛

I hope you follow me down the rabbit hole for this color along and I am looking forward to your colorings.

Please use the hashtag: #downtherabbitholecoloralong and tag me @colorfulluisa so I can see and share your creations.

The event is finished.

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