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Jan 01 2022 - Dec 31 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Coloring Throughout 2022 MWOC77 Color Along

Anita from  My World of Colors 77 coloralong for 2022 is #coloringthroughout2022mwoc77
One rule for my coloralong is not required but I would really appreciate it to getting to know you better.
Tell me why you color,or why did you color this page for my coloralong is it maybe for someone special, did you color the page with someone together,did you color the page while you where listening to music? What song was it?

You get the idea I’m curious about knowing the person behind the page better and the reason why you got inspired to color that special page.
But like I said before it’s not a mandatory rule.

For the mandatory rules to join :


* You are allowed to use pencils, water color everything you like
* For this coloralong all kind of subjects are allowed ( fantasy,nature,faces,animals ,Easter,Halloween,Christmas just color what you like and join my coloralong 😃)
* IMPORTANT RULE PLEASE don’t forget to tag me @my_world_of_colors_77 ( if you only use my hashtag it’s possible I don’t see your entry)
* ALSO AN IMPORTANT RULE use the hashtag #coloringthroughout2022mwoc77 (I only share the pages for my year coloralong with this hashtag in my stories)
* You are allowed to join as many times you like but only with new work
* The coloralong starts Saturday January 1 2022 and it ends on Saturday December 31 2022
* Only join with new colorings, and not add the tag to old uploads!!!

The event is finished.

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