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Etheria Coloring Book Review

Etheria Coloring Book by Minmonsta
on 2017
Pages: 18
Format: Posters
Etheria Coloring Book Review

Etheria Coloring Book Video Review

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Etheria Coloring Book  Review

Etheria Coloring Book is one of those luxury coloring books that come around every once in a while.    It’s one of those books that has something special injected into it..a magical quality that you can’t really define.   When I first seen the pictures from Etheria I knew that I had to have it.

As Etheria was only available for purchase at conventions where the artist attends, it made purchasing this book a costly affair.      First I had to convince Mr Muscles that a day out at the Anime convention, Smash, in Sydney would be just the thing.    Thankfully, that was an easy task. I have to say that hubby ended up buying far more pieces of art than I did.

We had only been at the convention for 5 minutes when I immediately sniffed out the coloring book that I had to have.   I have a coloring book radar!

Although you can purchase this coloring book at conventions, you can also do a bulk order with friends (more than 10 books) or wait until the Minmonsta online store reopens in November 2017 to purchase then.      Please note that as I purchased from a convention in Australia, I do not know the price of the book when it will be sale online, or the price at any other venue.

Cover & Layout

Etheria is not a coloring book in the usual sense.   It is a collection of 18 loose coloring pages and one thumbnail contact sheet.

It is beautifully presented in a card pouch.     The card pouch features a beautifully colored image on the front cover against a matte black background with gold border and title.    A smaller colored image is on the back of the pouch.

Each page in Etheria measures 29.5cm x 21cm approximately

Ancillary Pages

There is one page that has thumbnail images on it.   This would be the best place to test out your mediums with the paper.


Etheria contains 18 pages to color.    The paper is white, high quality 300 gsm  mixed media paper.   This means that you can use the medium of your choice on the paper.

On the reverse of each image you will find a small piece of line art to color.

Each image is numbered on the reverse.

Illustrations have been orientated both portrait and landscape style.

Etheria Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Etheria contains beautifully illustrated pictures that have a touch of anime and fantasy about them.

The line art is dull black and fine and has the appearance of handdrawn art about it.    Some lines are faint, some thicker which all reflects hand drawn pieces.     Some of the illustrations are highly detailed with lots of fine lines for texture added in as well as lines depicting folds and creases.    The use of these lines makes it far easier for colorists to add shadows and effects to their colored drawings as they can follow what the artist has drawn.

Due to the detail in each image,  this book may not be suitable for colorists with a minor visual impairment.     There are a lot of small and fine details on the page which could be difficult to color.

Please click on an image to view more detail

Detail Level


Where to buy Etheria Coloring Book

You can purchase Etheria from any convention that the artist may be attending, which is what I did.   In November, 2017 the artist will re-open her online store here for online orders.

You can also purchase a bulk order of 10 books or more from the artist direct if you wished.

Happy coloring x


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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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