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Dream Color 12 Months of Postcards Review

Dream Color Postcards Buy on Amazon JP|Buy from Etailer
by Miki Takei
on 2018
Style: cardstock, color inspiration images, Instructions - Tips, Perforated pages, single page illustrations
Format: Postcards

16 beautifully colored postcards and 16 postcards featuring line art for you to color as well.

Dream Color 12 Months of Postcards Review

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Dream Color 12 Months of Postcards Video Review

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Dream Color 12 Months of Postcards Review

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you may be familiar with Japanese artist, Miki Takei.    Previously I have reviewed all of her books in her Colors Make You Happy series.    These coloring books all feature sweet and cute pictures and are always presented with a gorgeous pastel color.

There is something very girly and deliciously pretty about Miki’s artwork.  So much so, that even a hardened tomboy like me, softens at the pastel-colored pages.    In fact,  I think it was the desire to have as many pastel pencils as possible to color the pages, that first tempted me to buy the Holbein coloring pencils with their 50 shades of pastels.

When I ordered this set of postcards the cover was not available.    If I had seen the cover,  I would have ordered two straight away!     At the moment though,  I’m saving to buy another copy.   When I fall in love with a coloring book,  I usually like to have two.     There are a few that I’m saving up to buy another copy of (hopefully Santa will help me out!)

Art Work

The set of postcards features 16 colored postcards and the line art for you to color as well.      All of the illustrations have been colored in Miki’s distinctive pastel sweet style and are very cute and girly.   I can’t imagine seeing them colored in any other way (but I’d love to see the different interpretations).

There are cute little animals in outfits.  Of course, the bunnies completely stole my heart.  As well as animals Miki also has included very feminine items like shoes, ribbons and bows.    The 12 month of postcards takes you through the seasons and celebrations including Christmas and Valentines Day.

A dark gray has been used for the line art which is fine and delicate.      There are some illustrations that due to the small size of the page and the amount of detail (like the Christmas tree) that may be challenging for colorists with a minor visual impairment.

You can see on many of the inspirtional colored cards that Miki has added background detail in.  Of course,  you do not have to do that if you do not want to.

As well as being contained in a handy postcard pad each page is also perforated for easy removal.    There is also perforation between the colored image and the line art for ease of removal.

As these postcards are meant to be used, on the back you will find space to write addresses in.  However, there is no printed lines as is usually the case with postcards.   The attention to detail, continues on the back of the card with a colored decoration on the colored card side and the line art for it on the card to be colored in.   Personally,  I couldn’t bear to part with any of the cards in the book 🙂

Detail Level


Where to buy Dream Color 12 Months of Postcards

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About Miki Takei

Miki Takei was born in 1983 Hokuto city, Yamanashi. She graduated from Nihon University College of Art. While working for a design office, she studied psychology counseling at the Japan Mental Health Association and became an independent counsellor as well as a freelance illustrator. She is well known for her delicate and pastel art works.

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