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Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Book Review

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on 6 May 2017
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing
Pages: 72
Format: Card cover, Postcards
Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Book Review

Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Book Video Review

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Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Book Coloring Book  Review

As many readers know,  I adore Disney.    I spent my earlier life wanting to visiting Disneyland (just like I seen on TV each week) and finally went there for my 21st Birthday.   Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Bambi and all the other classic movies produced by Disney make me go completely weak at the knees.   However,  it’s a while since I’ve watched a Disney film or explored the world of modern day Disney so I had no idea what the plush characters that looked like Disney and Pixar characters were called,   Tsum Tsum!   What a cute name!    Of course,  I had to have the coloring book as well when I seen that …because Disney!

Cover & Layout

The cover is unusual because usually our covers are square or A4 portrait orientated.    In the Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring book it is A4 sized but horizontal/landscape orientation.

On the glossy front cover you will see a partially colored image on one side surrounded by line art.      The title runs in a colorful banner across the top.   This layout is significant because the bulk of the  line art has a bottom border where there is text so effectively the line art does not fill the whole of the page.

The back cover features some line art that  you could color with gel pens if you wished.

The front inner cover contains Japanese text against a sunny yellow background while the back inner cover shows advertisements for other books.

Tsum Tsum Coloring Book measures approximately 8.5in x 11.8in.

Ancillary Pages

The cutest title page commences the book with the title in color and some line art for you to color as well.

Pages 2-5 show the cute tsum tsum characters in color!    This is followed by gorgeous colored thumbnails of images from the book (pages 6-13).   All the pages have been numbered in the book so that you can quickly refer to an image that takes your fancy.  Page 14 gives some coloring tips that you could follow along with the picture of Mickey Mouse.    Page 15 provides a colored image and it appears that the line art on pages 16-19 is provided for you to practice on (but as the text is in Japanese I am not 100% sure).

Pages 20-21 feature some cut coaster shaped tsum tsum stacks to color.

On pages 22-27 you will find bubble lettering with some tsum tsums as well that you can color in.    This has been printed in both English and Japanese characters.

In total the first 27 pages of the book are ancillary pages.


The coloring book has been printed on both sides of the off white paper.   The paper is a sturdy medium quality and has a slight tooth to it.

The coloring book proper really starts at about page 28 and the line art is comprised of cute scenes.     There are no double page scenes within the book.   However, some of the line art is very close to the spine where it is often difficult to color.  I am confident that with a bit more gentle pushing on the book, it will lay down well for coloring.

Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Book Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

This is a fun book that you can color freely as you fancy.  As most readers know,  I love fun books where you don’t have to think too much and can just be a kid again and enjoy yourself.  You don’t need to worry about blending and being fancy if you don’t want to.   You can color these cute little Tsum Tsums solidly and have as much fun as those colorists that may have other techniques up their plushy sleeves.

You will find cute scenes that depict not only the tsum tsums but also gorgeous cakes, flowers, wonky houses and even a skull or two.

Many of the images have very simple outlines and facial features, making it a great book for colorists of all ages and skills.

The large open elements on the page will also make this an ideal book for colorists with a minor visual impairment or with health challenges like diminished motor ability or arthritis.

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At the back of the book there are 4 pages comprising 8 postcards for you to color in and enjoy.   Although the pages have not been perforated, a cutting line has been provided, for you to remove the card.

Detail Level


Where to buy Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Book

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