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Le Petit Royaume des Palace Pets : Mandalas Coloring Book Review

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on 18 February 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Soft cover
Le Petit Royaume des Palace Pets : Mandalas  Coloring Book Review

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Disney Le Petite Mandalas Coloring Book Video Review

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Disney Le Petite Mandalas Coloring Book  Review

When I want to escape to my childhood, Disneyland is the first point of call.  I have such a love affair for Disney that I would not mind at all living in Disneyland!   When I saw this cute French coloring book featuring the little baby animals from Disney movies it had to be added to the cart.

Now, this is not a fancy coloring book.  It’s a fun coloring book to just enjoy without overthinking things.


Cover & Layout

The glossy softcover features a bunny rabbit which of course was the selling point.   I had thought it was a baby Thumper but on inspection, it seems to be a little girl bunny.      The cover art is indicative of the content inside where you will find a cute animal in a simple mandala format.

The pink background has pictures of paw prints and love hearts on the back.   There is text in French on the back as well.

Disney Mandala Pets measures approximately 22cm x 22cm.


Ancillary Pages

There are no ancillary pages within the book.   You will have to just dive in and color to test out your mediums.


Pages are printed on one side of the paper.   The paper is white and a medium quality at the lighter end.

Illustrations are well-positioned and centered on the page.    You will have no difficulty coloring the whole picture as it is positioned well away from the spine.


Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

I have to confess …………..I don’t recognize any of these Disney baby pets!  Clearly, I am overdue for a Disney marathon to refresh this old memory.      I have some vague ideas on who the characters could be but I don’t know 🙁

Thanks to a lovely viewer on YouTube – the cute little pets are the ones shown here.

The illustrations in this book are all cutesy and cartoonish as you would expect from the cover art.       They are simply fun designs that feature the cute baby animal with a mandala shape surround.    The mandala designs are very simplistic and feature cute little patterns.    You might see little hearts, bows, and crowns to color.

Although the designs are simple, if you are great with blending and shading you can really make them pop.  Colorists that like to color solidly will have a lot of fun with this book as well without any pressure to do anything fancy.

The line art is black and crisp and ranges between a medium to heavy outline.      Both the designs and the line weight make it a great book for colorists that are new to coloring, have a minor visual impairment, or have motor skill challenges.

Detail Level


Where to buy Disney Le Petite Mandalas

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Happy coloring x



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