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Disney Kaleidescopes Coloring Book

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on 16 December 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 72
Format: Card cover

A round background forms the basis for these cute Disney characters. Walk down memory lane with Disney in this cute coloring book.

Disney Kaleidescopes Coloring Book

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Disney Kaleidescopes Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Disney Kaleidoscopes Coloring Book a cute Japanese coloring book.

Disney Kaleidoscopes Coloring Book  Review

As some readers may already know,   I love Disney!   Disney always reminds me of  the lovely Magical World of Disney television show every Sunday night.   All the beautiful cartoons and films were brought to life by the magic of Walt Disney.     When I was older,  and earning a living, I started to collect Disney merchandise.    When I have all my Disney stuff out it’s like a giant kids room,   Minnie Mouse ears next to Donald Duck glasses – it’s all there because I’m just a big kid!    When I turned 20 I went to Disneyland for my birthday.  Celebrating in Anaheim and spending a wonderful few days riding in the teacups and visiting Adventure Land among others.   Of course,  I came home with more “stuff”  (one of which is a cute plush Cheshire Cat, because I must have my Alice fix!).

Of course, I have to have a Disney coloring book because it’s really an item that can now be included in two collections!

Cover & Layout

The cover of  the Disney Kaleidoscopes Coloring Book is matte laminate and features three colored kaleidoscopes from the book against a lemon background.     The title is printed in Japanese across the pink banner at the top of the book.    As always,  I am not completely sure of the accuracy of the title. I used an online translator to translate the text from Japanese to English.

The spine of the book is white with text in Japanese and the publisher’s logo against a red background on the spine.   On the rear cover you will find three small thumbnails from within the book in line art.     As these are very small drawings they would be difficult to color in.

The glossy inside front cover features five different variations of  Mickey’s head showing different colors and blending.  Underneath, copyright information and publisher information are shown in Japanese.   The rear back cover features an advertisement for other coloring books.

Disney Kaleidoscopes coloring book measures 23cm x 23cm (approximately 9in x 9in)

Ancillary Pages

The title page features a lovely colored kaleidescope with outlines of Mickey and the gang.    The kaleidoscope is color printed with  line art in pink, mauve, green and orange.   If there wasn’t text in Japanese running across the picture it would have been fun to color in.    A two page spread comprising text printed on lemon and white alternate columns follows.

Two colored inspirational images from the book follow, one of Mickey and one of  Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

A three page visual thumbnail index follows and each image is page numbered.      The last pages of the thumbnail index (pages 7 and 8) would be the best place to test out your mediums.


All of the illustrations in Disney Kaleidescopes are in a kaleidoscope (round) format.      Each image has been printed portrait style on the page and well centered and positioned for ease of coloring.    On the rear of the image you will find page number and a decorative frame where you can note your name, date of coloring and any other information you might like.

The paper is lovely being an off white medium quality paper (like a light card stock).       Although the pages are not perforated, there is a dotted cutting line approximately 1 cm from the spine of the book.   This makes it easy to remove the image from the book if you wish to color on a clipboard or frame it.    The illustrations, when colored would look gorgeous framed, particularly if you are fan of  Disney.

The book folds flat reasonably well, considering it has only been opened a few times.   However, colorists should not experience any difficulties even if the spine has not loosened up, as images are printed on single pages and line art does not run to the spine.

Disney Kaleidescopes Coloring Book  Images & Illustrations

There are 32 illustrations to color in the Disney Kaleidescopes Coloring Book.   You will find all your fave Disney favorites including Snow White, Thumper, Bambi, Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck among others.    Every image has been drawn so it showcases a particular character  against a background that forms a loose circle.

All of the drawings are cute and quirky and make you think of Disney with some being more realistic portrayals and others comprising simple outlines for you to embellish.

The backgrounds include elements like balls, flowers, patterns or elements related to the character like teacups for Alice in Wonderland.

Although some of the images may look a little plain in the book,  when you see them colored in on Instagram, they are stunning!

The line art has been drawn in a crisp, black which on the whole is a medium weight.       There are a few illustrations in the book that are not as crisp,  and a few with a finer line.

Many of the illustrations pack a lot of detail into each space and these may not be suitable for those colorists with a minor visual impairment or motor skill challenges.   There are a handful of images that have larger open spaces, but on the whole the art work is detailed.

Please click on an image to view more detail.

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Where to buy Disney Kaleidescopes Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x



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    • It is gorgeous! But too many details if you have vision difficulties 🙂 x Luckily, as always, there are plenty of books for all types of colorists! Happy coloring x