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Disney Girls Coloring Book Premium Review

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on 13 December 2017
Style: color inspiration images, double page printing, Instructions - Tips, Paper: medium quality
Format: Dust Jacket
Disney Girls Coloring Book Premium Review

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Disney Girls Coloring Book Premium Video Review

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Disney Girls Coloring Book  Review

Fans of the Japanese Disney coloring books may want to add this one to their collection.    What you will notice though if you have others in the series that some of the illustrations have been repeated.    This premium edition book has the added extras of illustrations from Frozen.   If you are a fan of  Frozen and you like to have more practice images (or this is your first book from the series) then read on 🙂

Cover & Layout

The dust jacket of Disney Girls features partially colored line art with a Frozen theme on it.  On the back cover there are old favorites like Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Chip n Dale and of course, Cinderella.  More Disney girls feature on the fold out flaps.

The glossy inside card cover has a white background with a blue patterned wallpaper design.  Although  you could color this, the image is so itty bitty it would probably give you a headache 🙂

Disney Girls measures 25cm x 25cm approximately.

Ancillary Pages

Disney Girls features lots of lovely colored printing which is always a b onus (but does add to the cost of a book)   At t he front of the book there is a colored text based title page with table of contents, in Japanese.   This is followed by two pages featuring our Disney Girls –  Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White and Cinderella.   This is followed by 9 pages of coloring technique with step by step illustrations (the text though is in Japanese).  Our Disney Girls of Alice, Tinkerbell, Anna and Elsa are also featured.

An extended title page follows featuring a decorative frame.   This would normally be the place I would recommend that you test your mediums but as there is an illustration over leaf I do not recommend it in this case.

At the end of the book you will find two pages listing the Disney Princess included in the book – Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Alice, Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, Marie, Daisy Duck and a special page dedicated to the characters from Frozen – Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and Trolls.   As always,  the Little Friends are also included which are favorite Disney characters.   There is a page listing the ones featured in the coloring book which are Chip n Dale, Mickey Mouse, Simba, Dumbo, Lady, Pongo, Bambi, Pooh, Donald Duck.

At the end of the book there is a page with copyright information.   This would be the best place to test out your mediums.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the smooth white, medium quality paper.   As always, test out your mediums on an Ancillary Page before diving in.    Alcohol based markers will, of course, bleed through to the other side and ruin the picture on the facing page.   If you are light handed with watercolors you should be fine but as always test it out on the Ancillary Page.  Everyone has a different style of using mediums and what works fine for one colorist may not suit another.     Remember though the paper is not watercolor paper so over layering and wetting the surface will buckle the page and may lead to pilling.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in this premium edition are repeated in other Disney Girls coloring books.  So if you have those books, you may not want this one.  What is different about this one is that Frozen is featured.  If you are a fan of Elsa (I can hear the song in my head now) you’ll enjoy these new illustrations.

As there are a number of illustrators that contribute to this book there are a variety of styles and line weights.     On the whole though,  if you have a minor visual impairment then it may not be for you.   There are many illustrations that have small spaces and small details which may be challenging.      Although the line color is black throughout and easy to see some images have thicker lines than others.

I am a huge fan of traditional Disney images that I grew up with in my childhood.  So images of Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse just hit my happy spot.

One of the great things about the illustrations in this book is that there is a variety of double page scenes,  single page scenes and smaller images featuring characters.   These smaller images are great if you only have a small amount of time for a project.     Of course, the negative with the book is that the variety of illustrators means that there is no consistent style and there is repetition between books in the series.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Disney Girls Premium Coloring Book

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