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Disney Coloring and Lessons Book A Gift of Love Coloring Book Review

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by Inko Kotoriyama
on 28 April 2017
Style: color inspiration images, double page printing
Pages: 80
Format: Card cover, Stapled

A two part book comprising coloring lessons and line art. You can follow along with the artist as you bring your favorite Disney characters to life.

Disney Coloring and Lessons Book A Gift of Love Coloring Book Review

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Disney Coloring and Lessons Book A Gift of Love Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Disney Coloring and Lessons Book A Gift of Love Coloring Book illustrated by Japanese artist, Inko Kotoriyama.

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Disney Coloring and Lessons Book A Gift of Love Coloring Book Review

Regular readers may be familiar with the name of  Inko Kotoriyama.   As well as illustrating coloring books with a Disney theme like The World of Dreams she is also a star at illustrating cute animals, like the chipmunks in Happy Birthday and Lulu the cow in Romantic Journey (released in English as [easyazon_link identifier=”0062471139″ locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”mygamingweb-20″ cart=”n” popups=”n”]True Love[/easyazon_link]).

Inko is very talented and always succeeds in bringing the coloring books she illustrates to life.

Cover & Layout

The Disney Coloring and Lessons Book is, in fact, two books.     I had thought that Amazon had made a mistake when I received the books, and that I had obtained a free book 🙂   The first book,  that you see on the cover, with the partially colored image from Beauty and the Beast, is the Lessons Book.   The coloring book,  is packaged, by tucking it inside the painting lessons book.

The painting lessons component has a lovely dust jacket featuring Beauty and the Beast on the cover.    On the back cover you can see two long images which indicate that the book is divided into two parts.

White text stands out on the hot pink spine of the book with only the Disney logo in bright yellow.

The  cover art has been reproduced on the glossy card cover of the painting lesson book.

The coloring book part of the package features a glossy cover with a partial colored image.   The line art for the image is in the book to color.   On the back there are thumbnails from the book.

Ancillary Pages

The painting lessons book features 31 pages of tips and instructions on how to color images.     Each “lesson” is accompanied with a small practice element for you to work on before you advance to the coloring book included.      Inko covers many things in the lessons including blending, backgrounds and layering.      However,  the instructions are all in Japanese, so non Japanese speakers will need to carefully follow the step by step pictures.


The coloring book is printed on both sides of the off white medium to heavy quality paper.  Each image has been discreetly page numbered, presumably to cross reference with the lesson book.    Unusually,  the binding on this book is by staple, so you could remove it easily with a staple remover, if you wished.

There are 18 pages that form double page spreads where the line art does run to the spine.   However, due to the size of the book and the staple, it folds down easily for coloring.

Disney Coloring and Lessons Book A Gift of Love Coloring Book  Images and Illustrations

Inside the coloring book you will find all your favorite Disney characters including Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Mickey and Minnie,  Chip n Dale and Lady and the Tramp.

Inko has used varying line weight throughout the book.    Some images may have fine lines,  others a medium, crisper line.    Some images look crisp and easy to see while others have the sketchy look of handrawn art work.    No matter the line weight being used, the images are on the whole easy enough to see.    Some colorists that have a minor visual impairment may find that because some line art, for background detail, is printed in a dark grey that it may cause some problems seeing it.

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[foogallery id=”9297″]

Detail Level


Where to buy Disney Coloring and Lessons Book A Gift of Love Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x



About Inko Kotoriyama

Inko Kotoriyama is a Japanese knitter, author and illustrator. This multi talented lady has produced a a number of knitting and coloring books during her career. Her illustrations and knitted works are cute and whimsical. She loves birds, particularly budgies and is writing a budgie comic.

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