Dikke Dames in Sprookjesland Kleurboek Review

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by Julia Woning
Published by BBNC Uitgevers on 15 April 2017
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Card cover

The Dikke Ladies of Julia Woning have been traveling through fairytale land. The happy ladies - and sometimes - gentlemen are admired in beautiful costumes and a variety of scenes.

Dikke Dames in Sprookjesland Kleurboek  Review

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Dikke Dames in Sprookjesland Kleurboek  Video Review

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Dikke Dames in Sprookjesland  Colouring Book  Review

I adore the Dikke Dames series of coloring books by Dutch artist, Julia Woning.  The pictures  are so unique looking with their small featureless faces and cuddly bodies.   Dikke Dames roughly translates to “fat ladies” but I prefer to call them cuddly. In this Dikke Dames book Julia reimagines fairy tales with the cuddly ladies twist.

Cover & Layout

Julia Woning’s coloring books vary in size without a consistent size for each Dikke Dames book.     Dikke Dames in Sprookjesland is larger than previous books and the average size of a coloring book measuring in at 25 cm x 25cm approximately.

The colored laminate cover features a collection of  fairy tale characters from within the book.

A hot pink spine is a nice contrast to the back cover that has a pale pink background with a selection of line art and colored butterflies and flowers around a central heart.

Publisher’s blurb on the back cover is written in Dutch.

Ancillary Pages

A greyscaled version of the front cover art features as the title page of the book.   It is a shame that copyright information has been included in the bottom right, obscuring some of the art work.    This is the only place to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your coloring technique.


Illustrations have been printed on one side of the paper only.   This means that colorists can choose whatever medium they fancy to color the cuddly ladies and escape to fairy land.    The paper is white and is a medium to heavy weight with a faint texture to it making it ideal for pencils.

There are no double page scenes in the book.

Some of the line art does run to the spine of the book, however,  it folds down quite easily for coloring.

All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style.

Dikke Dames in Sprookjesland Kleurboek Images and Illustrations

Our cuddly ladies have been drawn into all your favorite fairy tales.   You will see Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Little Red Riding Hood and many more as you have never seen them drawn before.  I always love to see different interpretations of fairy tales in our coloring books, but am often overwhelmed with the detail in the picture.     These ones are ideal for me, because they have enough detail to denote the subject matter, but not so much that it overwhelms.

The art work in this book reflects Julia’s normal style of drawing these characters.  Large open spaced elements and a cartoony appearance make these books ideal for colorists of all ages and skills.     The crisp, black lines and medium line weight make it a great book for colorists with a minor visual impairment.

Julia’s art work tends to fill the whole of the page making each page a “scene” from your favorite fairy tale.     As the pages are single sided, you could carefully cut out the page and frame it if you wanted to.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Dikke Dames in Sprookjesland

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Happy coloring x



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  • Thank for the nice review. Very appriciated
    Have fun colouring.

    Why my figures don’t have faces: then they are anonymous and you can easily relate to them and not see the cartoon.

    Best regards

    • Thank for stopping by Julia! Thanks so much for explaining why the pictures don’t have facial expressions! I love the way that they are drawn and am looking forward to many more books to come in this series.