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Day of the Dead Coloring Books – 2016

The Day of the Dead celebrations honour departed ancestors. Celebrations and festivities start on 31 October and span across a number of days. These festivities are a true celebration of all the wonderful things about people we have lost.

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Although, I’m familiar with the Day of the Dead type decorations, this is not a holiday that is celebrated in Australia and we do not have a comparable holiday.

Needless to say, I’m a bit out of my depth here when I decided to do a list of  good Day of the Dead Coloring Books -2016 releases.

Luckily,  I was able to call on my friends from across the pond to help me out with the background information and local customs.    Dawn Boyer, a prolific artist, author and coloring book creator was able to set me straight on the holiday.    She actually released a Day of  the Dead Coloring Book called “Dia de los Muertos: Sugar Skulls” last year where she provides background information on the holiday.   I think these little touches are extremely important when your audience is global.   As often, relying on the internet is an inaccurate source, and local knowledge is far more important to put things in context.

Reading Dawn’s background material  made me wish that we had something like this in Australia.   It would be wonderful to reconnect with someone you have lost, at least spiritually and celebrate all the wonderful things as a community festival.     In Australia, we really only have a “wake” after a funeral service.    Just one day, to gather as a group of loved ones, to celebrate someone’s life and what they meant to you.  It seems quite small now in comparison to this lovely Day of the Dead Celebration.

I have put together a little list of some of the nice Day of the Dead Coloring Books -2016 releases. Hopefully, I will inspire you to try one of these coloring books this year, in time for the Day of the Dead celebrations.  This list is not exhaustive and does not cover  every new Day of the Dead coloring book released this  year, only the ones that have taken my fancy.

Even, if you are in a country that does not celebrate this holiday, I’m sure you will enjoy these books.    Most people are familiar with the Day of the Dead brightly colored imagery including lovely sugar skulls, which are actually part of the holiday festival, and the brightly colored Day of the Dead girls, that we often see in tattoo designs.

Day of the Dead Coloring Books – 2016

Sugar Skull Coloring Book: Dia De Los Muertos:

This book features a night and day set of coloring pages.   One set of drawings on a white background and a duplicate on a black background.   I love it when I have coloring books that have duplicated images (I know some colorists do not like it) and a black background alternative is even better!  You will find a variety of sugar skulls in this book ,with different patterns and elements to color.

Pages:  130

You can buy this Sugar Skull Coloring Book in the US here

Sugar Skulls at Midnight Adult Coloring Book

This coloring book has all of the illustrations printed with black backgrounds making it a great backdrop for those neon markers!    You will find sugar skulls with all sorts of patterns including flowers and leaves.    I love the cover image – it looks like so much fun!

Pages: 74

You can buy the Sugar Skulls at Midnight Coloring book here in the US

Creative Haven Animal Calaveras Coloring Book

I always like Creative Haven Coloring Books as I feel they represent good value for colorists and they have a large variety of titles.   The Animal Calaveras Coloring Book celebrates the Day of the Dead with animals sporting the typical Day of the Dead decorations of leaves, flowers and patterns.

Pages:  64

You can buy the Animal Calaveras Coloring Book here in the US

Gothic Coloring Books For Adults: 2017 Day of the Dead Coloring Book

This is a newly released coloring book, at the time of writing, a quick “surprise me” look at the pictures inside shows that there are some beautiful girls and a number of  sugar skulls in the coloring book.   I love the girl on the front cover which appears to be included as a coloring page in the book.  I would have liked to see some more images in the book, but as it is newly released there are no reviews as yet.

Pages: 104

You can buy the Gothic Coloring Book for Adults in the US here

Sugar Skulls Coloring Book (Coloring Is Fun)

If there is one artist that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face when I see her colored art work it’s Thaneeya McArdle.   I am a huge fan of her happy, simple, vibrant pictures that are suitable for colorists of all ages and skill levels.     She loves drawing sugar skulls and has a number of books and products featuring them.     She has a new release for this year which looks gorgeous! However, please note that it appears that her publishers have changed the layout of images, by resizing images and providing a color palette at the foot of the image, which has not pleased some of her fans.

Pages: 80

You can buy Sugar Skulls Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle here in the US

Marty Noble’s Sugar Skulls

This book contains both human and animal skulls that have been decorated in Day of the Dead style with “flowers, plants, patterns, wildlife, macabre imagery, and traditional Mexican art motifs“.    the cover art is gorgeous!

Pages: 104

In the US you can buy Marty Noble’s Sugar Skulls Coloring Book here.

Day of the Dead Colouring Book

At the time of writing, this is a newly released coloring book and as such there is limited information about the content of the book.   The publishers blurb promises “masks, skeletons, costumes and candles ” to color.  The illustrators have previously illustrated many Tolkein based coloring books.

Pages: 96

In the US you can buy the Day of the Dead Colouring Book here

Dia De Los Muertos: Day of the Dead and Sugar Skull Coloring Book, Celebration Edition

Well known coloring book publishers, Blue Star, have released a Celebration Edition of their Day of the Dead Coloring Book.    This book was published previously but has now been redesigned, with a new embossed cover and perforated pages, and re released as a Celebration Edition.   The book features Day of the Dead style imagery and sugar skulls.

Pages: 80

You can buy Dia De Los Muertos Celebration Edition here in the US

1001 Dot-to-Dot: Day of the Dead

Finally, if you want more of a  challenge you can go dotty with a dot to dot coloring book!  At the time of writing this book has not been released.     The publishing blurb promises: “42 intricate puzzles in 1001 Dot-to-Dot: Day of the Dead. Each of the images that emerge as the dots are connected will inspire you to learn more about the history and celebrations associated with the Mexican festival ….when the puzzles are completed, they can be colored in

Pages: 96

You can buy 1001 Dot to Dot Day of the Dead Coloring and Puzzle Book here in the US.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of  Day of the Dead Coloring Books and found something that takes your fancy!

Happy coloring x











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