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Daily Coloring Book Review

Daily Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by Saesaemi
Style: double page printing, Paper: Light to medium
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue & Stitched
Daily Coloring Book Review

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Daily Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  Korean coloring book artist, Saesaemi and the Daily Coloring Book.

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Daily Coloring Book  Review

As most readers know I have a soft spot for Korean and Japanese coloring books.   I purchased Daily Coloring Book when it was first released.   The cute cover image with the sweet little girl surrounded by cute critters charmed me.    Of course, as I work slower than the public transport system in Sydney, it has sat in my pile for quite some time.   You may have already seen it in one of my haul, collection or catch up videos on YouTube.

Cover & Layout

The Daily coloring book measures 25cm x 25cm.   It has a matte laminate cover with fold-out flaps and tends to resist general wear and tear without getting too grubby.    There is partially colored artwork featured on the cover. You can tell the book is filled with cute critters and larger spaced images from this picture.

On the back cover, you will see some line art in different colors.

Due to the light color used on the cover, I would cover it in plastic if you were using it on a regular basis.

Ancillary Pages

A gorgeous powder blue page works as a protective page at the front and back of the book.

At the start of the book, a title page with art on the edges could be used as a tester page.   I would recommend that you only use pencils in this coloring book (unless you test it first) as the paper is on the thinner side.

The front cover art has been repeated as an extended title page in the book for you to color.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the smooth, white paper.   The paper is a lot thinner than most coloring books I own from Korea.   I would class it as a thin to medium.      The line art is dull black and varies between a fine line and a thick medium weight.  Many of the illustrations have strong outlines to indicate that they are in the foreground.

Illustrations do run to the spine of the book.   At the time of filming,  my book is not laying down flat as well as I would like.    I am confident that with some more muscle work, I should be able to crack the spine for ease of coloring.

Art Work

The illustrations in this coloring book are sweet and whimsical.    You will find a variety of little animals, often dressed in cute outfits and enjoying “human” type scenes.   The artist has quite an imagination and you can’t but help smile when you see the cuddly cats riding their scooters about town or having a cat nap.

Throughout the book, the little girl that is featured on the cover appears surrounded by her cute little animals.

For colorists there is an opportunity to color a wide variety of imagery inclduing water, rocks, fur, food, and flowers.

The bulk of the book is double page scenes.

You will notice that the art work has a lot of large open areas which is great for colorists with a minor visual impairment or motor skill issues.    Although many pages have a lot of images on the page they are outlined rather than completely filled with detail.   This may make it easier for colorists that like to flat or solid color and colorists of different ages.  Some pictures that do have faint texture or detail, could just be color washed if your eyesight or health issus found it too challenging.

Most of the art work is crisp and clean but there are a few pages that look a little sketchy compared to others.

There are a coupel of pages that are in the book that do not seem to flow as well as the rest of the pages and appear to be “filler”.     As this is just two or so pages, it doesn’t concern me.

Detail Level


Where to buy Daily Coloring Book

Etailer 1 Etailer 2

Happy coloring x



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