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Creative Kittens – Coloring Book Review

Creative Haven Creative Kittens Coloring Book Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Marjorie Sarnat
Published by Dover Publications on March 17th 2017
Style: color inspiration images, Perforated pages, single page illustrations
Pages: 64
Format: Soft cover

"From the creator of Creative Cats Coloring Book comes the purrfect follow-up: adorable kittens! Cat lovers and coloring enthusiasts will delight in these beautifully detailed feline portraits and their unique patterns of hearts, flowers, paisleys, and other magical motifs."

Creative Kittens – Coloring Book Review

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Creative Kittens Coloring Book  Review

It is no secret that I adore Marjorie Sarnat’s gorgeous collaring books filled with beautifully patterned animals. Sadly, I still have a few in my “to do” stack that I haven’t got to yet 🙂 When I seen that the baby version of Creative Cats was being released called Creative Kittens, I had to have it. Creative Cats is one of my favourite colouring books to just color in and enjoy.

This Creative Kitten is all dressed up for ballet

Cover & Layout

Publishers Creative Haven always have a consistent style with their branding of colouring books, which is very reassuring. This is no different with the Creative Kittens Colouring Book that they have published. The soft glossy cover features a coloured image of two cute kitties that have been beautifully patterned by Marjorie Sarnat, and include a gorgeous background design as well.

On the back of the book, we have the well known position of any cat, having a nap with a dreamcatcher floating over her. I am pretty sure it is a little girl kitty as she has a headband and a bow.

On the inside covers there are a further two coloured images from within the book to give you inspiration, if you need it when colouring yours.

The book is A4 sized measuring in at 8.1 x 0.3 x 10.6 inches

Ancillary Pages

A pretty kitty in a tutu style skirt opens the book as decoration for the title page. An expanded version of this image is in the book for you to color.  On the reverse you will find copyright information.   This is the only place to test our your mediums and your color palettes.

Pinata anyone? Even creative kittens like to play


The illustrations have been printed on single side, white, perforated pages. All of the  images have been orientated portrait style throughout. Each lovely kitten image features a border around the image that can vary in design.

The illustrations have been well positioned and balanced on the page. Line art finishes before the perforation mark.   The amount of space between the end of design and perforation can vary between a few mm to half a centimetre.

Creative Kittens Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The title and front cover accurately portray what you will expect to find in the Creative Kittens Colouring Book. Every page is adorned with at least one kitten but often more than that.

Whilst these kittens may have a similarity as to appearance on their facial features, the poses and patterns all differ, to ensure that the colourist is engaged with each new drawing.

These little kittens get up to all sorts of mischief, which is so refreshingly like every kitten I have ever known. They hide behind teacups, they hang from baskets, they play the piano and, of course, like every cat they love to jump all over the clean washing basket.

Not only are the kittens in various poses and scenes but there are cute backgrounds on every page . The background may feature items of furniture, nature or patterns.

In Creative Kittens Marjorie Sarnat seems to have unleashed more imagination with her subjects. There are some images in the book that you could well imagine as posters on the wall including the bingo, Catsablanca and the kittens on the carousel.

Colorists that have minor visual impairment will be pleased that the outlines are black and crisp. However, Marjorie does have a lot of pattern and background detail in each image. This much pattern can sometimes be confusing sorting out which element belongs to what. If you want to tackle the image, I would recommend just starting with one element like the cat first, and focusing on that before moving to other elements or background detail.

Colorists with arthritis or motor skill impairment may find that the bulk of the images are too detailed to be tackled in one sitting and can just color the image over a period of  time.

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Detail Level

Low High

Where to buy

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Happy coloring x


If you love kittens and coloring check out the Creative Haven Creative Kittens Coloring Book Review

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Marjorie Sarnat is a talented artist, illustrator and product designer. Her work features layers of complexity. This layering style is probably what makes her adult coloring books so extremely popular.

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