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Cover Reveal & Sneak Peek Inside of Mermaids in Paradise by Denyse Klette

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Published by St. Martin's Griffin Pages: 128

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I remember last year when I ordered Fairies in Dreamland after falling in love with the cover that I had seen online.    When it arrived,  I was amazed at these waif like fairies in various states of sleepiness and surrounded by intricate detail.    They were so different from how fairies are usually portrayed in most coloring books.   They are modern, funky fairies.   Fairies in Dreamland has become a favorite with many colorists.   In fact,  there’s a dedicated Facebook group devoted to this gorgeous coloring book.

Denyse Klette is an amazing artist giving her work intricate detail as well as a quirkiness that is incredibly appealing.   As soon as Fairies in Dreamland was released I expected another coloring book from Denyse.   Would it be fairies again?   Or would one of the pigs that appeared in Fairies in Dreamland get a starring role?   Or would it be something completely different?

The first hint appeared a few months ago when a mermaid picture appeared on Denyse’s Facebook page.    Now,  I’m excited to tell you that there is a new book …….and this time it’s based on Mermaids!!!!   Denyse certainly knows the way to a colorist’s heart with first fairies and now mermaids!

The long title of the new coloring book is  “Zendoodle Coloring Presents:  Mermaids in Paradise – An Artist’s Coloring Book”  but I’ll just do the Australian thing of abbreviating it to “Mermaids in Paradise”.

Let’s check out the cover art

Mermaids in Paradise Coloring Book cover reveal

Mermaids in Paradise cover reveal (image supplied by Denyse Klette and used with her consent)

The cover features a Mermaid waif in an intricate and quirky tropical scene.    The imagery is playful and whimsical and makes me feel like I’m on a holiday already!   Cute birds with sunglasses and Tiki style masks add to the tropical paradise theme.

Denyse hasn’t held back on the detail either.   An amazing variety of flowers, sea life and torches complete the image of relaxing on a tropical island.  The imagery has been drawn both under and above the sea, which is not often seen in coloring books, and  provides an intricate snapshot of the surroundings in Paradise.

One of the things that I adore about this cover is that it is  consistent with the cover art used on Fairies in Dreamland.  Title colors and fonts appear the same and the page count is the same as Fairies in Dreamland; stated to be 128 pages.

Although St Martins Press have not released the sizing of this coloring book, at the date of writing,  I would expect it to be the same as Fairies in Dreamland.   St.  Martins Press  excel at being consistent with the coloring books that they produce.  I cannot see any reason why they would vary a winning formula.  Consistency in coloring books always gives me a feeling of confidence when I’m ordering online, sight unseen, because I have a benchmark to gauge the contents against.

But what’s inside?   Want to take a peek?

Denyse kindly provided a sneak peek image so you can get an idea of the content to be included in  Mermaids in Paradise.

“Taking a Moment” from Mermaids in Paradise by Denyse Klette (image supplied and used with the consent of Denyse Klette)

In the intricate illustration of  “Taking a Moment” we can see the same consistency in the mermaids that was evident in the fairies that Denyse previously gave us.  The mermaids have lovely shell bras, flowers in their hair and, of course, a beautiful tail.   The tail is so flowing it may well be a bridal gown train.

There’s an abundance of  flowers to color in and winding vines that contrasts with the sea life activity we can see taking place. Don’t glance too quickly though, or you may miss all those tropical birds hidden  among the flowers and vines (some of them look a little cheeky).

The art work is well balanced and positioned on the page giving it that “golden ratio”  sense of proportion on the page.

One thing that strikes me with the cover, and this illustration, is that the mermaids are not water bound.    The mermaids seem to enjoy sunbathing on the nearest rock and getting out and about in the tropical paradise they call home.

Of course, I’m wondering if one of those cute little pigs from Fairies in Dreamland may find his way into Paradise too (I hope so!)

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Mermaids in Paradise Release Date

Mermaids in Paradise is due to be released on  12 September 2017.  I’ve marked the date in my diary already –   I can’t wait to see it!

You can pre order Mermaids in Paradise here

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