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Colouring Book Of Catastrophic Tales Review

by Robert Maltby
Published by Self Published Format: Soft cover, Stapled
Colouring Book Of Catastrophic Tales Review

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Colouring Book Of Catastrophic Tales  Review

The cat on the cover art of this colouring book is striking and is what attracted me to the book when I seen it on Twitter last year.   The eyes look like they are frightened of something coupled with the expression on the cat’s mouth but the cat still looks regal and in control.     It gives me the creeps which is always a good thing because the art brings about an emotional response.

This colouring book is different from most books and the title is a giveaway on that.    It is filled with both poems and short stories as well as the accompanying images of cats.

Cover & Layout

The cover art features a striking cat with orbs of light either side and a neon shroud.    The title with the dripping colors gives the effect of both coloring but also something a little scary with the red reminding me of blood and the neon of something science fiction related.

There is no art work on the back of the cover or the inner cover.

Colouring Book of Catastrophic Cat Tales is  handbag sized measuring in at 21cm x 14.8 cm.

Ancillary Pages

The cover art has been printed as the title page of the book.    There is no line art on the reverse so you could color with markers on this page (provided you had a blotter underneath).  A dedication follows.

At the end of the book there is a blank page that you could use to test out your color schemes and see how the paper reacts with your coloring style.


The book is printed on both sides of the recycled paper.   The paper is off white, has a light texture and according to the production specs is “120 gsm”.    On one side you will find a poem or a short tale about the cat and on the facing page the line art of the cat.

The tales range from 3/4 to a full page and range from quirky to creepy.

Colouring Book Of Catastrophic Tales  Images and Illustrations

The cats are presented in a variety of styles.    Some of the cats are downright creepy!   There are skeletal cats,  cats in outfits,  alien cats among others.      Each illustration of the cat has a tale about them, which gives you an extra bonus to your colouring book and helps you understand the subject matter.

The line art has been drawn in a black, crisp line and has a hand drawn “sketchy” feel to it.

Line weight varies on each image and in some cases there are incomplete lines.

As it is only a small book, it lays down flat well.

Illustrations have been well centered and positioned in the colouring book for ease of colouring.

Whilst some cats have additional elements as part of their theme, the cats are the focal point and there are no backgrounds.     This is great news for colorists that love backgrounds as some of the pieces really lend themselves to something spooky surrounding the image.

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Detail Level


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