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Colorist’s Special Effects Coloring Book Review (Color & Grayscale Edition)

Colorist's Special Effects - color interior: Step by step guides to making your adult coloring pages POP! Buy on Book Depository|Buy from Bol in The Netherlands
by Helen Elliston
on 12 May 2017
Pages: 110
Format: Soft cover

This book is bursting with 60 STEP BY STEP guides & tutorials to items commonly found in adult coloring books, such as gems, clouds, fairy wings, spotted mushrooms, skintone, waterdrops & much more!

Colorist’s Special Effects Coloring Book Review (Color & Grayscale Edition)

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Colorist’s Special Effects Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review comparing the Colorist’s Special Effects Coloring Book grayscale and color edition

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Colorist’s Special Effects Coloring Book  Review

There is nothing better than learning some new coloring techniques, especially if you are new to the world of coloring.

There are a massive amount of You Tube tutorials which provide great coloring information that you can use.   You can also find a number of specialist courses that you can do to improve your coloring techniques.

In my opinion though, there is still a need to have a handy reference guide setting out some techniques that we often use or would like to use in our coloring books.      Having a structured format, that is indexed and easily refered to is a blessing for a newbie like me.

One of the problems I find with video tutorials is that usually I don’t have the time to sit through the entire length of the tutorial (often over an hour).  I also have the attention span of a gnat 🙂   As well as the time issue my constant problem is that when  I have to abandon the video, and want to refer back to it,   it takes me ages to get to the part that I want to learn.     Video tutorials are never set up so you can go straight to the tutorial on leaves, raindrops or whatever you fancy, so that leaves someone that is time poor, like me,  frustrated.

A book is so useful to me because depending on the time that I have, I can pick out individual things to learn at my own pace.    Another thing that you may not know about me is that even though I do videos,  I actually find it easier to learn by reading.

I have always admired Helen Elliston’s coloring of art work from her own coloring books.  I had hoped that one day she would share some of  her tips with us newbies.      You can see her colored art on her website, in Facebook Groups and of course on the covers of her Inky series of coloring books.

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Cover & Layout

Colorist’s Special Effects Technique book is available in a Color Edition and a Grayscale Edition.    In the video above you will see my side by side comparison of the two books.      In fact, the only difference between the books is that the grayscale edition does not have color printing at all, and is the same book as the Color Edition except with black and white printing.

I have to say,  that I had hoped that the Grayscale edition would include tips on coloring the grayscaled images within the book.     Even a page full of tips would have made this a worthwhile purchase for me.

practice pages to practice coloring techniques


This coloring technique book takes you through most of the common techniques used to enhance our coloring books.   In the Index at the front there is a comprehensive list of the step by step guides that are included in the book.   The only thing that the index lacks …is page numbers which, in my opinion, are extremely important for reference books.   The book itself  also lacks page numbers 🙁

step by step coloring hair tutorial

The topics covered are:

  • Shading
  • Hair Lips and Skin
  • Nature
  • 3D shapes and objects
  • Gems
  • Backgrounds

In addition to the step by step tutorials there are also practice pages so you can follow along as well.

The book also includes a color wheel for you to complete, a  lovely piece of line art for you to apply all the techniques you hae learned to, signature art cards and blank color charts.

Printing is on both sides of the paper.     The paper is white and a medium quality.      Colored printing always increases the cost of  book so you may find that this coloring technique book is a little more than you are used to paying.

 Where to buy Colorist’s Special Effects – Color edition

Please note that Helen Elliston is working on another coloring techniques book as a follow up to this book.     I will update this post when the release date is known.

Amazon Book Depository

Where to buy Colorist’s Special Effects – Grayscale edition

In my view,  the Colored edition offers new colorists and those wishing to learn new technique better value.    Personally,  I would not buy the grayscale edition – but if you prefer coloring with greyscaled images, you may feel differently.

Amazon Book Depository


Happy coloring x



About Helen Elliston

Helen Elliston is an author of romantic fiction and also an artist and illustrator. She lives in Devon in the UK. Helen has produced numerous coloring books for adults in an “Inky” series with each book having a different theme.

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