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Coloring Books – New Releases – June 2020

My pick of the new coloring books releases for June 2020

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all coloring books being released. Bear in mind, that there are hundreds and hundreds of books being released every month. I cannot possibly keep up with all of them!

This list of new releases is only books that have taken my fancy, and that I think that you may like as well. Due to the high cost of postage for most readers, this list will usually not include International releases.

Many of these books I will be reviewing as part of my coloring book reviews.

Please also bear in mind that different countries often have different publication dates. Something may be released in the US earlier than in the UK or vice versa.

If you know of a new release that you think I may be interested in, leave a comment in the area below

let’s go …

Intricate Ink: Animals in Detail Volume 5

The latest coloring book by Tim Jeffs is due for release in May in the US and June in the UK. The publishers promise “25 pencil, pen, and ink prints featuring animals from a wide range of species from hornbills to narwhals, cicadas to seadragons.

Pages: 56

Date to be published: 1 June 2020

Buy Intricate Animals Volume 5 by Tim Jeffs here at Amazon UK or Amazon US

A Million Mermaids: Magical Sea Sprites to Colour

The latest coloring book in the “Million” series by Lulu Mayo promises ” a magical world where mermaids collect shells and swim with dolphins. Inside are over 30 spreads of these beautiful mythical creatures

Pages: 64

Date to be published: 11 June 2020

You can buy A Million Mermaids by Lulu Mayo at Amazon US here or Amazon UK here

Creative Haven Flower Fancy Coloring Book

For fans of florals, Jessica Mazurkiewicz has illustrated a new coloring book for the Creative Haven brand. Creative Haven always offers great value for money coloring books featuring 2 inspirational colored images, single-sided and perforated pages. The publisher’s blurb promises “Thirty-one relaxing illustrations feature daisies sprouting from watering cans, peonies in bicycle baskets, flowers in teapots, and many other designs that range in style from playful to elegant

Pages: 64

Date to be published: 30 June 2020 in the UK and 21 May 2020 in the US

You can buy Flower Fancy Coloring Book at Amazon US here or at Amazon UK here

The successful team of Angela Porter and Lacy Mucklow have two coloring books being released in June 2020.

Be Relaxed and Color: Channel Your Anxious Thoughts into a Calming, Creative Activity

Be Relaxed and Color promises “stunning pages made to soothe your mind as your worries float away. With themes showcasing peaceful and comforting images, such as cozy comforts, relaxing routines, peaceful environment, and quiet getaways







Pages: 128

Date to be published: 23 June 2020

You can buy Be Relaxed and Color at Book Depository here 

Be Grateful and Color: Channel Your Stress into a Mindful, Creative Activity

The second book to be published by the team of Angela Porter and Lacy Mucklow is Be Grateful and Color.   This coloring book promises “gorgeous templates featuring images and shapes designed to remind you of the little things in life.







Pages: 128

Date to be published: 23 June 2020

You can buy Be Grateful and Color at Book Depository here 

Mark Catesby’s Nature Colouring Book: Drawings From the Royal Collection

British Naturalist, Mark Catesby (1682-1749) documented his world travels and watercolors of the flora and fauna he encountered.  This extensive collection of works is part of the Royal Collection Trust.    The Trust has created a number of coloring books over the years based on his beautiful and detailed works.   The latest coloring book promises “40 illustrations from his travels around North and Central America “…from the cocoa plum tree to the ivory-billed woodpecker”

Pages: 96

Date to be published: 30 June 2020

You can buy Mark Catesby’s Nature Colouring Book from Amazon UK here or Book Depository here

Something Different

I know a lot of colorists love using watercolor so these books are included with you in mind

Hello, Watercolor!: Creative Techniques and Inspiring Projects for the Beginning Artist

The publisher’s promise that this watercolor technique book by Instagram star Jeannie Dickson will include “more than 15 exciting step-by-step projects, from painting origami animals, sparkling glass shards, and beautiful alphabets to producing luscious florals and fanciful unicorns.” There will also be “swatches so readers can make substitutions easily….Popular color palettes and color “recipes” for foolproof mixing…12 monthly challenges with daily or weekly prompts to inspire painting all year long ….Templates to trace and paint for some projects” and more

Pages: 144

Date to be published: 16 June 2020

You can buy Hello Watercolor at Amazon US here or Amazon UK here

3000 Color Mixing Recipes: Watercolor: The ultimate practical reference to watercolor mixes and dilutions

This is a technique book with a difference that is teaching you about color theory and creating your own colors. The publisher’s promise “A practical and inspirational manual that shows you a huge range of color mixes in watercolor. Use the book as a handy reference when you want to know how to mix a specific color, or as a catalog of inspiration when seeking ideas to try in your work. The handy color viewing card included can be used to view each color swatch in isolation.”

Pages: 144

Date to be published: 9 June 2020

You can buy 3000 Color Mixing Recipes at Amazon US here or Amazon UK here

Happy coloring x


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I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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  • Thank you Lea for this list. I’m sure getting the Tim Jeff’s book. I love what he does.
    And thank you for putting in books for watercoloring too 😀

      • Thanks Mary! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences – especially with customer service. I’ve been keeping an eye out on ebay to see if anyone was selling a box so I could test them out. I’d really love to have the 500 set (especially the more you talk about them haha). I think though I’ll try and save to buy them all at once. The CAD and AUD are about the same and when I worked out the price it was about $50+ a month for me :(. It’s doable when I have a job …but not at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to test a small box soon! Something to look forward to and a lovely investment in my coloring collection x

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