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Coloring Books – New Releases – February 2020

My monthly round up of the coloring books to be released that I am looking forward to

I had January off from creating the New Releases article but I’m back now with my first post on new coloring books to be released in February 2020.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all coloring books being released. Bear in mind, that there are hundreds and hundreds of books being released every month. I cannot possibly keep up with all of them!

This list of new releases is only books that have taken my fancy, and that I think that you may like as well. Due to the high cost of postage for most readers, this list will usually not include International releases.

Many of these books I will be reviewing as part of my coloring book reviews.

Please also bear in mind that different countries often have different publication dates. Something may be released in the US earlier than in the UK or vice versa.

If you know of a new release that you think I may be interested in, leave a comment in the area below

let’s go …

Worlds Within Worlds: Colour New Realm

Kerby Rosanes’ latest coloring book has been released in the UK and Australia and will be released in the US shortly.

Kerby gave the coloring world the “morphia” series of coloring books and related products.  This series of books introduced us to his doodle and realistic style that morphs into one.    Worlds Within Worlds continues his extremely detailed style sans doodles.    It feels like a maturation of Kerby’s distinctive artistic style.       The publisher promises “Enchanting realms and entire universes are transported to strange and wonderful new habitats and a hidden magic key ‘unlocks’ the next world.”   You will find “Viking ships set sail through the eyes of a skull, an open book has a steampunk city rising from its pages and a giant tortoise carries a haunted house on its shell” among other things.

Pages 96

Date Published  6 February 2020

You can buy Worlds Within Worlds Coloring Book by Kerby Rosanes here (UK). The US edition is due for publication on 17 March 2020 and can be purchased here. Please note that there may be changes between the coloring books, depending on the edition, as different publishers are being used for each country.

Creative Haven: Best-Dressed Pets Coloring Book

Creative Haven publishers work with some amazing artists including one of my favorites,  Marjorie Sarnat.   Marjorie has created numerous coloring books featuring fairies, mermaids and animals among other things.     Her pet-themed coloring books are some of my favorite coloring books.      This coloring book was released in the US last month and is now being released in the UK.

There are 31 illustrations to color in this coloring book.   Like all Creative Haven coloring books, there are two colored inspirational images, single-page illustrations, light to medium quality paper and perforated pages.  The publisher’s blurb promises ” The well-dressed dogs and cats occasionally accompanied by a pot-bellied pig, duckling, bunny, or pony are depicted in themed outfits ranging from pajamas and beachwear to casual clothes for shopping and gardening to formal wedding attire.”

Pages  64

Date Published  28 February 2020 (UK)  15 January 2020 (US)

You can buy Creative Haven Best Dressed Pets here in the UK and here in the US

Creative Haven: Mythical Fashions Coloring Book 

There are 31 illustrations in this coloring book featuring mythical fashions.   The publisher’s blurb promises “a spiritual journey with goddesses and other beautifully outfitted mythical creatures from cultures throughout the world. The divine fashion illustrations include Saraswati, the Indian goddess of knowledge and the arts; Asteria, Greek goddess of the stars; Oya, the African goddess of storms; and many others”.   As with all Creative Haven coloring books they feature a soft colored front and back cover, perforated pages, single-page illustrations, and 2 colored inspirational images.

Pages 64

Date Published  28 February 2020

You can buy Creative Haven: Mythical Fashions Coloring Book here

Creative Haven: Fabulous Fashions of the 1970s Coloring Book 

Another fun book from Creative Haven.    Go back in time to the fun ’70s with this coloring book.   The publisher’s blurb promises “31 illustrations of fashions from the “Me Decade” that feature an array of clothes for work as well as play. Memorable outfits range from the hippie carryovers of bell-bottom jeans, peasant blouses, and maxi dresses to mid-decade tailored blazers and pantsuits to carefree disco dresses of the late ’70s. ”

Pages 64

Date Published 12 February 2020

You can buy Creative Haven Fabulous Fashions of the 1970s Coloring Book here

Creative Haven: Festive Mexican Talavera Designs Coloring Book

Another coloring book from the fabulously talented, Marjorie Sarnat.   This coloring book features 31 illustrations “animal motifs rendered in the intricate style of Old World designs. Frogs, geckos, turtles, roosters, parrots, butterflies, and other animals appear against backdrops of flowers, fruits, sunbursts, and other classic Mexican ornaments. “Creative Haven coloring books all follow the same format – soft colored front and back cover, 2 inspirational colored images, light to medium perforated paper and 31 illustrations to color in.

Pages 64

Date Published 12 February 2020

You can buy Creative Haven Festive Mexican Talavera Designs Coloring Book here

Zendoodle Coloring: Naughty Puppy: Mischievous Mutts to Color and Display

This month Deborah Muller has a coloring book for the Zendoodle brand.   Her distinctive style is featured in this coloring book packed full of cute puppies.  The publisher’s blurb promises “62 original illustrations of puppies making mischief! With perforated pages and one precious pup after another to color and display”

Pages 128

Date Published 4 February 2020

You can buy Zendoodle Coloring: Naughty Puppy: Mischievous Mutts to Color and Display here

Imaginarium Coloring Book

Imaginarium illustrated by Franziska Wenzel promises “a journey of discovery through her worlds. Get ready to color your way through the lives of women and girls, from the remotest corners of the universe to the invisible world of faeries.”

Pages 34

Date Published 11 February 2020

You can buy Imaginarium Coloring Book here

Happy coloring x


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