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Coloring Books – New Releases – December- 2018

December 2018 Coloring Book Releases

My monthly round up of the coloring books to be released that I am looking forward to

This post contains affiliate links you can use to purchase the product. If you buy a book using that link, I will receive a small commission. This does not affect the price that you pay. Your support is very much appreciated x

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all coloring books being released. Bear in mind, that there are hundreds and hundreds of books being released every month. I cannot possibly keep up with all of them!

This list of new releases is only books that have taken my fancy, and that I think that you may like as well. Due to the high cost of postage for most readers, this list will usually not include International releases.

Many of these books I will be reviewing as part of my coloring book reviews.

Please also bear in mind that different countries often have different publication dates. Something may be released in the US earlier than in the UK or vice versa.

If you know of a new release that you think I may be interested in, leave a comment in the  area below

Let’s go …..

Coloring Calendar 2019 by Grazia Salvo

Although this calendar will not be released until 1 January it is definitely something that needs to be ordered in December so it arrives promptly.    This is a high-quality calendar featuring Grazia’s distinctive and beautiful art.  It is printed on artist paper with spiral binding.

Pages: 26

You can purchase the Coloring Calendar for 2019 here

Creative Haven Celtic Crosses Coloring Book

If you love the complexity and beauty of Celtic knots and crosses this Creative Haven coloring book might appeal to you.  Creative Haven always produces good quality coloring books for the price.   They feature 31 single sided images, 2 colored inspiration images and perforated paper.

Pages: 64

You can purchase Celtic Crosses Coloring Book here

Christmas Animals: An Adult Coloring Book with Cute Holiday Animals and Relaxing Christmas Scenes

The Jade Summer brand produces a large range of coloring books to appeal to all types of colorists.    This cute coloring book features cute animals in a Christmas environment.  You will find “a variety of animals including dogs, cats, reindeer, polar bears, penguins, chipmunks, rabbits, and many more”.   This book appears to have thick lines and larger, open spaced elements and imagery.  This makes it suitable for younger colorists as well as those with a minor visual or motor impairment.

Pages:  103

You can purchase Christmas Animals by Jade Summer here

Christmas Circles Volume 2: Adult Christmas Mandala Coloring Book

In recent times, Tabitha Barnett has produced a series of coloring books with a circle shape as their focal point and the art inside.   Out of all the coloring books that she has published (and there are many!) these are my favorite!   For Christmas in 2018 she has released the second Volume of Christmas themed imagery in the distinctive circle shape that she has made her own unique selling point.   Inside the mandala style circles in this book you will find “holly, gingerbread men, Reindeer, ornaments, snowmen, candles, candy canes and much much more! Each mandala is printed twice, once on white and repeated on a black background”.

Pages: 114

You can buy Christmas Circles Volume 2 here

A Very Merry Slothmas: A Slothtastic Coloring Book

Sloths are sooo cute!    This cute Christmas book featuring sloths in cute Christmas sweaters and Winter scenes.   There are 36 pages to color in this book.

Pages: 80

You can buy A Very Merry Slothmas Coloring Book here

Christmas Surprise Coloring Book. Grayscale & Line art

Alena Lazareva has a range of coloring books in both line art and greyscale.     This year she has produced a Christmas themed coloring book featuring both grayscale and line art in the one book.   You will find illustrations featuring “Christmas scenes, fireplace, gifts, deer, funny animals, children, Christmas tree and other cute illustrations”.    There are 21 illustrations which are repeated.

Pages:  91

You can buy Christmas Surprise Coloring Book here

Santa’s Little Christmas Coloring Book

The Coloring Book Cafe has a range of Coloring Books for all occasions.   This features images of 30 illustrations of  “Christmas scenes such as Santa climbing down the chimney, making his own Christmas cake, dropping off presents from the rooftops and even making a snowman!”

Pages: 64

You can purchase Santa’s Little Christmas Coloring Book here

A Merry Little Christmas Book

Fans of Jane F. Hankin’s coloring books will be pleased to know that she now has a digital PDF of her latest coloring book.    This is a fabulous option because sometimes the shipping of  some coloring books, depending on where you live, can outweigh the cost of the book.     I am a huge fan of digital coloring books as they offer a lot of opportunity.  You can print on whatever paper you fancy and you can print as many times as you like.    Jane’s Merry Little Christmas book features 10 illustrations in her distinctive style.









Pages: 10

You can purchase A Merry Little Christmas Book here

Klara Markova Coloring Books

Fans of Klara Markova’s beautiful coloring books Magical Delights, Tenderful Enchantments and Fairy Miracles will be pleased to hear that shipments of new stock are making its way to the US and the UK for purchase on Amazon.  If you are not in the US or UK the best way to buy any of Klara’s books is through her Etsy store here.


Happy coloring x



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