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Coloring Book of Flowers & Sweetgirls

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on December 2018
Style: double page printing, Paper: medium quality, Poster
Format: Card cover, Express Bullet Point Review, Glue & Stitched

A beautiful Chinese coloring book featuring sweet girls and flowers. A bonus fold out poster and stickers are also included.

Coloring Book of Flowers & Sweetgirls

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Coloring Book of Flowers & Sweetgirls Colouring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of this gorgeous coloring book from China.

Cover & Layout

Coloring Book of Flowers and Sweetgirls has a lovely pink cover with colored cover art and gold foiling.   

The cover art has also been included for you to color as well.    The cover art also features (in a different color palette) on the poster included with the book.

Image from poster included with Coloring Book of Flowers and Sweetgirls

On the back cover line art, printed in pink, from the illustration called the Rose is featured.

You could color the back cover art if you wished.  

The card cover is matte and could get scuffed if you were using it regularly.  I would be tempted to cover it in plastic if you were storing it or patting it often.

Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the smooth, white medium quality paper.

Coloring Book of Flowers and Sweetgirls is both stitched and glue bound and lays down flat beauitfully.

Art Work

The art work inside this book is sweetly cute.   It features illustrations of cute girls in beautifully drawn frocks.      Each illustration has been named to suit a particular flower that is featured on the page.     

On the facing page a smaller image of  the dress has been provided.   This is particularly useful if you want to test out your color palette on the smaller image before diving into the image to color.

The art work has a “lolita” feel to it for me.    Cute little girls and frocks with lots of ruffles and embellishments reminds me of  Lolita Fashion that is so popular in Japan.

Throughout the focal point illustration you will find that the artist varies the line weight color.  Often the flowers are shown in a grey line to recede in the background while the girl is in a black line to indicate the foreground.

The artist has varied the faces, hairstyles and outfits that each girl wears providing a lot of variety for colorists.    Mouth detail on the faces though is minimal (perhaps this is intentional).

Where to Buy

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