Coloring Book Collection

Coloring Book Collection Video

The video above comprises four parts and runs for approximately 2 hours.

People are always asking about my coloring book collection so a while ago I filmed my coloring book collection.    The day that we filmed, of course, was the hottest day in Sydney that month and of course, we rearranged the office  and camera set up that morning.   It was a little disconcerting for me and the camera is a little shaky.

I thought it would take a while to film the collection, and it ended up being 2 hours of video, 3 cups of tea and lots of editing from me where I removed any of the boring bits 🙂

This is my coloring book collection up to mid November 2016.    It is December 2016 now and <cough> of course it has grown more and I’ve had to rearrange the shelves in my office.  I now have a shelf  that reads “not in collection part 5” so I don’t get confused when I do the next update video lol.

I started acquiring adult coloring books in about August, 2015 and by February of 2016 I had about 150 coloring books.    Along the way,  I discovered a lot of things about the types of books that I liked, the ones that make my heart go pitter patter and the ones I find comforting and soothing.

People often ask me what my favorite coloring book is.   Really, it is just impossible to say.    Even books I feel meh about, I usually can find something to like or love about them.

I am also very moody 🙂  Sometimes I just want to color a certain thing that takes my fancy, and then I move on to something else.

Sometimes, I think that the book is not for me, and then months later I’m tearing the bookcases apart looking for it, because now it is just what I do want.      It may even be that they turn into practice books, but whatever it is I usually, almost always appreciate the effort that has gone into it.    I don’t feel that way towards my dud coloring book – because that’s just wrong on so many levels.

A lot of questions about my coloring books I have already answered here, so if you are curious about something be sure to check out that post.

I have tried to photograph most of the books in the Collection Part 1 – 4 videos above which are below.    I have probably missed some which is easy to do when there are so many.  I am sure I missed a few in the collection video as well.  I have tendency to color in some of the books and then leave them in different rooms of the house lol with a trail of pencils and sharpeners.

I know you are going to want to know how many coloring books I have, and the quick answer is, I don’t really know.  I haven’t counted them.    I thought that I had about 500 but hubby thinks about 800 and he is so much better at math than me 🙂  I have uploaded 355 videos of coloring books to You Tube as at today’s date and still have a similar amount of space allocated to books that need to be uploaded.

The first two photos below show the coloring books that have already been reviewed and that totals about 355.


I know what you are thinking …look at all that space left on the shelf but it has been intentionally left blank to fit other coloring books in it as they are reviewed.


I know it doesn’t look it but there are over 350 coloring books in this photo and the one above. On the bottom shelf stacked high and out of camera shot there are probably 60 thinnish coloring books

Of course, this is my never ending “to do” list of coloring books and products that have not been reviewed.   As books are reviewed they move to a different bookcase so I don’t get confused 🙂

I haven’t taken photos of  the coloring books that I have received  since shooting the collection videos and that is ….a few 🙂   I have a feeling that part 5 of  the collection video will be coming sooner than I had anticipated!

Happy coloring x