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Colorful Jetoy 2 Coloring Book Review

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by Se-ah Kim
Style: double page printing, pre colored background
Format: Glue Binding

Follow the adventures of Choo Choo the cat and friends around the world in this coloring book that features partially colored images

Colorful Jetoy 2 Coloring Book Review

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Colorful Jetoy 2 Coloring Book Video Review

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Colorful Jetoy 2 Coloring Book Review

Jetoy is based on “dreamy eyed cats called the Choo Choo Cats” which is named after artist, Se-ah Kim’s Turkish Angora cat, Choo Choo. You can see a picture of this lovely cat which has the pinkest ears and bluest eyes here.  You can also see this cute kitty at the main blog in Korea here.
Jetoy is very well known in Asian countries with loads of merchandise that is often featured at conventions, fashion sub cultures – like Lolita and any kawaii or anime type event.

When I first seen a Jetoy Colouring book last year, in store, it did not grab me. The partially coloured pages felt too limiting for me. Later in the year, when I seen a coloured picture from the second Jetoy colouring book I knew I had to have it. I’m a moody reviewer 🙂 Sometimes I’m in the mood for a type of colouring book and other times it takes a while for it to grow on me. Colorful Jetoy 2 featuring the lovely Choo Choo cat has certainly grown on me now.

Cover & Layout

Colorful Jetoy 2 features a lovely gradient blue background with partially coloured line art on the matte laminate card cover. You can see the lovely Choo Choo sitting in a tea cup on a table which resembles an English high tea but has a background that looks like Santorini in Greece. The blue spine features the title in English and Korean.

On the rear of the cover beautiful shades of blue form the background of the sea and the sky with a multitude of cats featured. One cat has butterflying fairy wings and the other a halo and angel wings. All of the cats are pre coloured as are the rooftops of the buildings depicted.

Colorful Jetoy 2 is a smaller book than you may imagine if viewing it online. The cover measures 25.8 cm x 18cm (10.2 in x 7.5in) and is too large for handbag size for me, but smaller than most colouring books.

Ancillary Pages

Other than a reproduction of the title page in the book that has been partially coloured, there are really no ancillary pages to test out your mediums on and see how they react with the paper and your colouring style.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the smooth white paper. The paper is at the lighter end of medium and ideally should be used with coloured pencils. A full page illustration is featured on the right hand side of the book which is framed in a coloured picture frame on each page of the book. On the left hand side of the book there is a keyhole outline, also framed in color, that features a micro view of the larger facing page. If you did not mind losing the keyhole page you could color the main image with your medium of choice, being aware that the keyhole on the reverse could be damaged.

Images have been orientated both portrait and landscape throughout the book. There are no double page scenes within the book.

All of the art work ends before the spine area so there should not be any difficulty colouring this area. However, on the left hand side the frame of the image does abut the spine.

Colorful Jetoy 2 Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

It’s hard not to fall for this gorgeous cat that is featured on each page of this colouring book. You will find the cat in a variety of a settings with different backgrounds and line art for you to color. A lot of imagination has been poured into the imagery for this cat adventure.

All of the images of the cat have been pre coloured so you cannot add your own touch to the cat and change Choo Choo’s appearance.

Throughout the book you will find that Choo Choo has a number of outfits to wear including an adorable red riding hood outfit that is super cute. You will find throughout the book that you will travel all over the world. Choo Choo has adventures in China, San Francisco, New York and is even in Sydney (visiting me obviously) taking selfies outside the Opera House.

Colorful Jetoy features other cats as well as Choo Choo that have been pre coloured as well.

Often the pre coloured images can be very limiting when choosing backgrounds and your color palette. In this book, because Jetoy is the star and a well known brand, it seems to make sense that the book has been published in this way. Coupled with that Choo Choo is a white cat, making it difficult to color, should you wish to replicate the look.

Some of the pre coloured backgrounds are beautiful featuring gradients of color that would be educational and useful to study if you are new to doing backgrounds yourself.

Colorists that prefer a variety of cats within a cat colouring book may not be happy that there is really only one star cat and a few friends. The look of the cat does change though on the pages with a variety of poses, outfits and action shots to give the book a wider appeal.

The line art in this book is a fine black line which is very crisp. Colorists that have a minor visual impairment may find that due to the smaller size of the book and the fine lines and detail on the page that it may be too challenging to color in.

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Detail Level


Where to buy  Colorful Jetoy 2 Coloring Book

Jetoy USA etailer Korean Retailer

Happy coloring x



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