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Color Me Wild – Color By Number Coloring Book

Tricolor animals
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Trianimals: Color Me Wild: 60 Color-by-Number Geometric Artworks with Bite Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Hope Little
Published by Harper Design on June 7th 2016
Style: color inspiration images, double page printing, Instructions - Tips
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue Binding

A unique color-by-number coloring book featuring 80 vibrant animal faces designed in the popular “low poly” 3-D geometric style.
Create dozens of beautiful, lifelike animal faces with this irresistible color-by-number book. Graphic designer and illustrator Hope Little uses a distinctive “low poly” graphic style to fashion clean, contemporary three-dimensional designs made up of hundreds of triangles—an approach to organic subjects that gives them a modern aesthetic that is also relaxing to color.
Each picture in Trianimals comes with a numbered color palate that can be used as a guide for consistently creating amazing finished pieces. All are printed on heavy paper stock to ensure that whatever medium you use—whether ink, marker, or paint—doesn’t bleed through. The pages are also perforated, making your artworks easy to remove and display. In addition, some of the pages are also perforated around the image so that it can be pressed out and made into a mask for parties, games, playtime, Halloween, birthdays, and more.
Relax and take your creativity to the next stage with this gorgeous color-by-number coloring book!

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Color Me Wild Coloring Book Review

This color by numbers coloring book features images created with a base of triangles of varying sizes. The authors provide you with a realistic color palette to complete the illustration and full images of the resulting finished product. I quite like color by numbers books. They take the guess work and experimenting out of choosing a color palette and can help improve the confidence of a new colorist.

Cover & Layout

Trianimals has a card cover decorated with a cute Cheetah on one side and the line work on the other. The book measures approximately 24cm x 24cm (approximately 9.5 in x 9.5 in)The inner cover and fold out displays colored thumbnails of the animals that are featured in the book. I think it was a lost opportunity not making this line work as it would have been great to color on.

I love the special touch that this book provides by having a lot of color in it. We are often so used to adding the color ourselves that it is a welcome surprise to see 5 pages of colored thumbnails of the trianimals as well as 2 full page colored animals.

The authors provide some useful tips and techniques at the beginning of the book. In addition to these thumbnails there are 8 smaller images with both colored completed versions and the line work to practice on.

I love the idea of providing two color schemes for colorists which these authors have done. You have the choice of a vibrant color scheme at the bottom of the page to use or the more realistic color palette at the top of the page. Of course you do not have to use the color palette provided and could choose your own colors.

The illustrations have been printed on both sides of the smooth white paper.  The paper is medium quality, be sure and test wet mediums inconspicuously before using on a main illustration.


The illustrations have been well centered on the page for ease of coloring.   The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper which is  a shame as most of the images are only single page designs with only 3 double page scenes.   The book lays down well with just some gentle prodding.    Only 2 illustrations come close to the spine so there should be no difficulty coloring all areas of the page.  The line work is light grey and a fine lline weight.    This presents a problem for me as I have some difficulty seeing the line clearly enough to color.   Fortunately, using my magnifying lamp solves that problem for me.

Tri Animals - Faint Gray line work

Tri Animals – Faint Gray line work

There are 60 animals to color in the book which comprise:   raccoon, yak, iguana, red panda, lemur, peacock, crested crane, slow loris, poison dart frog, stag, meerkat, mountain goat, gorilla, capybara, armadillo, giraffe, hedgehog, anteater, aye-aye, platypus, common seal, chameleon, sloth, hare, penguin, hippopotamus, bobcat, otter, cheetah, tortoise, opossum, brown bear, golden lion tamarin, hyena, mandrill, koala, alligator, fox, llama, camel, badger, elephant, kangaroo, red squirrel, panda, wolf, lioness, wombat, wild boar, okapi, cape buffalo, zebra, orangutan, tiger, vampire bat, lion, great horned owl, leopard, chimpanzee.

Color By Numbers With Triangles and animal designs

Color By Numbers With Triangles and animal designs

I am pleased that the designers have used a variety of sizes of triangles to make up the imagery.  The larger triangles provide a greater space to color in and these images are particularly suited for those with visual or motor impairments.

Good eyesight or a magnifying lamp is required

Good eyesight or a magnifying lamp is required


At the rear of the book you will find 8 small colored images in “mask” form followed by the line work for each animal.  You will then find the instructions and masks to make a life size mask of a zebra, orangutan, tiger, vampire bat, lion, great horned owl,  leopard and chimpanzee.    Both the vibrant and natural color palettes have been provided for the masks.   In addition, the masks are printed on perforated paper for easy removal.   The actual “mask” design on the page is not die cut and you will need to cut this imagery out with scissors.

Two color palettes - vibrant or natural (or choose your own!)

Two color palettes – vibrant or natural (or choose your own!)

I like the variety of animals on offer in this book together with the different ranges of complexity of design and color choice.   The only niggles that I have related to use of double page printing and perforation.    I would have far preferred the book to be single sided with perforations for the whole of the book, not just the mask section.

The imagery in the book may be difficult to see due to the fine grey used for the line work.   Normally, I am not a fan of light lines, being difficult for me to see clearly, but in color by numbers it is necessary to lighten the lines so the colors used will hide them.

Color Me Wild Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video review of this cute color by numbers book – note that the faint grey line work will not display well on video:


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  • I just got the Trianimals Cats book, after reading this review of yours a few months back. (I have a bit of a thing for cats, you may have noticed.)

    With the multiple colour palette options, I was thinking I ought to make photocopies of the pages before starting, so I could do them more than once in different palettes.