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Color and Conjure Coloring Book Review

Color and Conjure: Rituals & Magic Spells to Color Buy on Book Depository
by Natalie Zaman, Wendy Martin
on January 1st 1970
Style: Perforated pages
Format: Card cover

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Discover the Magic of Coloring with Intention

More than a coloring book and more than a collection of spells, Color and Conjure is all about manifesting your desires with magic and creativity. Combining simple spells with enchanting symbolic imagery, this innovative book provides 50 spells with colorable images for love, money, protection, health, and much more.

Color and Conjure Coloring Book Review

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Color and Conjure  Coloring Book Video Review

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Color and Conjure  Coloring Book  Review

The names, Wendy Martin and Natalie Zaman may be familiar to regular readers because I recently published my interview with them here. It was an interesting interview for me, because Wendy and Natalie are co-authors and collaborators.   Usually, my interviews are with solo artists.    This time,  I was able to glean the perspective of an artist and an author, which was a fascinating point of difference for me.

I adore different things which is what I love about coloring books.  All those different concepts, themes and ideas compiled and executed in similar yet different ways.     Although, when  you have seen as many coloring books as I have, it’s hard for me to find anything truly different, until now.

Color and Conjure Coloring Book is different from my other coloring books in that it combines spells with coloring.    Now that of itself, is not that different, and there are other books that have broached that theme before.     What is different about this book though is that the act of coloring and the choice of colors used have been incorporated into the spells.   The book has been completely designed with the colorist in mind, rather than a repeat of well known spells with some artistic decoration around it.

The other thing that I should say about these spells is that this is the only magic spell book that I have, that doesn’t involve trips to various shops and online stores for all the ingredients…. as well as waiting for the right time of the moon to cast your spell.   Quite frankly, that can get a little bit complicated for a simple soul like me.

As the focus is on the coloring, your coloring supply stash should see you right for most of the spells, but there may be a few oils and some household items that you might need.

Cover & Layout

The laminate card cover has a pre-colored background that has an aura type effect to it.   The title is set inside a partially colored wreath containing elements that you associate with magic.

On the spine and the back cover, the same pre-colored background has been carried through.   You will notice that the spine is very thick in comparison to most coloring books.

Ancillary Pages

The front cover art has been reproduced as a title page for the book.  Over leaf there is copyright information.    As this is a spell book as well as a coloring book it contains a table of contents.   The table of contents is 3 pages and divides the book as follows: –  How to Use this book (1 page), Spells – Money, Family, Love, Protection, Health, Creativity, Personal Power, Spiritual Growth, Magic and Nature, Awaken The Chakra,  Coloring pages, Resources,  About the author/artist.

Any of these pages would be suitable to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your coloring style.   The last page of the table of contents is blank and would be ideal for creating color palettes.


Color and Conjure is divided into two parts.    The first part of the book containing the spells is printed on both sides of the white paper.  The paper is a medium quality but at the lighter end of medium.   The pages are perforated for easy removal to color on your clipboard or workspace.

Each major theme for a spell, like Money has it’s own section page which is decorated with elements for you to color.   It also lists the spells that are contained in that section.     Each spell has a small element to color to get you in the right frame of mind before venturing to the full page spell that is associated with it.

Page numbers for the spells part of the book are centered on the page and easy to see.     A little hand at the bottom of each spell points you to the full coloring page associated with it.     The coloring page numbers are located on the far left adjacent to the spine of the book.   The page numbers have been carefully positioned so that if you remove the page from the book, using the perforation, that the page number will not be displayed on the main image.   This is a nice feature particularly if you wished to use the page to display on an altar.

The second part of the book contains the full page coloring pages (5o) in total.     Each illustration uses the whole of the page to display the art work associated with the spell.

All of the images have been printed portrait style and are well positioned and centered in the book.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

At first when you see the illustrations you may feel that the images are not as complex and detailed as compared to other coloring books on the market.   With this book, because of the nature of the spells working with the act of coloring, the imagery has been created to ensure that the colorist is focused on the act of coloring and feeling the emotion behind the spell.     A more complex set of images would distract the colorist from the task as they concentrate on finer details.

Each illustration has been drawn to convey the message that is the heart of the individual spell that it relates to.    You will find candles, flowers and leaves,  animals, filigree and scroll work, lettering  and even a bunny or two to color in.

The line art is black and easy to read.   It has the appearance of hand drawn art, as some of the line weight varies and there are some faint lines on some images giving a “sketchy” appearance.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment will be pleased that there are many large open spaced images within the book.

Please click on an image to view more detail

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Detail Level


Where to buy Color and Conjure Coloring Book

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About Natalie Zaman

Natalie is the author of numerous books.   Her work has been published in numerous magazines and she writes regularly for Witches and Pagans Magazine.

About Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin has worked as an illustrator for over 25 years. She originally studied Fashion Design earning a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She then earned a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. She has been featured in a number of publications and is well known for illustrating and writing children’s books

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