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Cinderella: An Amazing Coloring Book Review

Hansel and Gretel: An Amazing Colouring Book Buy on Book Depository|Buy from Bol in The Netherlands
by Fabiana Attanasio
Published by White Star on September 7th 2017
Style: double page printing, Poster
Pages: 80
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue & Stitched

Part story part beautiful illustrations. Escape to the world of Cinderella where anything is possible. The latest coloring book from Fabiana Attansio who specialises in bringing fairy tales to the coloring world.

Cinderella:  An Amazing Coloring Book Review

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Cinderella: An Amazing Coloring Book Video Review

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Cinderella Coloring Book  Review

Cinderella is such a great fairy tale.   Who couldn’t fall in love with the rags to riches story that is portrayed in it?   Not only does it have a lovely message of  life working out for the better but it also has all the great things about fairy tales.   There’s a wicked stepmother, nasty stepsisters, a fairy godmother, a beautiful ball and of course, some shoes! It’s no surprise that this book sold out quickly online and many colorists are waiting for the next print run.

Fabiana, of course, has illustrated Cinderella in her sweet and whimsical way.   You will find that the ugly stepsisters are not as ugly in this book as you would expect from this artist.

Cover & Layout

Fabiana Attansio always creates the cutest fairy tale based coloring books for us to enjoy. The format is always the same, with a lovely fold out card cover. The cover features a collage of images from the book, partially colored with a sprinkling of gold foil highlights on the front and back and fold out cover.  The lovely sprinkling is in the form of stars that are highlighted around the fairy godmother and the glass slipper, which is an ideal placement.

The spine on Cinderella  is a lovely red. Each of Fabiana’s books has a different colored spine, making it easy to find on the bookshelf.  There is some repeat of spine colors, possibly due to the change in her publisher.

The back cover continues the collage of colored images featuring Prince Charming, the castle and the lovely carriage.

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page commences the book. On the reverse of this there is a double page extended title page framed in elements of life as Cinders on one side and Cinderella on the other.

The fabulous thing about these coloring books is that they are part coloring book and part story book. This makes them a real keepsake book, in my opinion, something that you can color for a family and with the family. The story is a five page modernised version of the original fairy tale, with lovely images to accompany it.

The preceding pages are the only place where you can test out your mediums.


Illustrations have been printed on white, medium quality paper on both sides of the paper.

There are 36 double page scenes where the line art does run to the spine of the book. The binding in the book lays down quite easily with just a few gentle pushes making it easy to color tricky areas near the spine.

The book measures 26cm x 21.5cm.

Cinderella Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Inside you will find illustrations that depict Cinderella’s early life when she was much loved by her father.   We then move into the Cinders period with the wicked stepmother and her stepsisters.    Of course,  these are not drawn as ugly as we may imagine as Fabiana’s illustrations have a cute, cartoony feel to them but we do see from the few line strokes, that these are the bad guys.

Life as Cinders is depicted in a lot of lovely interior household scenes.   This gives colorists a lot of opportunity to color different textures, metals, wood and glass.   Of course, there are a multitude of both men and women in Cinderella so plenty of opportunity to color hair and skin.    Fabiana always draws hair very well with a lot of detail so colorists know where to add highlights.

Most of the pages have a lot of detail with full page scenes although there are a handful of  simple designs without too much background or foreground elements.

As always, there are a few pages of  outlines with patterns on them, that makes for an interesting change in the book.

Of course,  most colorists will fall for the beautiful dresses and ballgowns which there are several pages of.   Another favorite is sure to be the glass coach and the beautiful glass slipper each represented on their own page.  I can’t wait to see those colored in groups!

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Included with the book is a giant fold out poster measuring 67cm x 94cm

Detail Level

Low High

Where to buy Cinderella Coloring Book

Amazon Book Depository

Happy coloring x



About Fabiana Attanasio

Fabiana Attanasio was born in Rome in 1985. After graduating from the International School of Comics, she began her artistic career in the field of comics, before dedicating herself completely to illustration. She is currently working with publishers all over the world. Fabiana lives in Italy.

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