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Christmas Gift Guide for Colorists – 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve created a Christmas Gift Guide …three years, in fact!

My previous Christmas Gift Guide is still relevant but this time I thought I would concentrate on different items that colorists can add to their stash.  As usual, I will not be including coloring books for adults (I assume you have already added those to your wish list!).  I’ll be including a range of practical items, fun items, and stocking stuffers!

Let’s go

Practical Coloring Gifts

If you want to dive into the world of watercolors, then what could be nicer than a set of handmade watercolors!    Although, I have a large range of watercolors I do not have any that have been crafted by hand.   What a special gift that would be!

This lovely creator makes a range of colors of watercolors using “natural and organic materials. The pigment is combined with organic gum arabic, organic honey, organic essential oil (preservative), and vegetable glycerin. There are no other additives, fillers, or contaminating colors, just pure single pigments”.   You can choose which colors and how many you would like to purchase as a set of pans.

Handmade Watercolours – an amazing range of colors available

You can check out the range here 

How about some shimmer????

If you like your handmade watercolors to have a bit of sparkle then check out this range of shimmery watercolors.   The colors are all handmade.  You can purchase one pan or a set and there is free shipping!!!!

Handmade watercolors with shimmer!

You can check out the range of metallic handmade watercolors here.

Watercolors may not be your thing ….so how about some handmade pastels instead?    Pastels are great for covering large areas in our coloring books.   They are particularly good for creating backgrounds.    I usually just scrape a bit of pastel with an extacto knife and then dab at the page with a cotton tip or a cotton ball.   There are 16 handmade pastels in each set.  If they are not to your liking, you can request a custom set as well.



Check out the handmade pastels here 

Pencil and Marker Storage

You may need some storage for your supplies.    There is a range of storage to choose from – pencil rolls, boxes, organisers or even patterns to make them yourself.

These cute little retro pencil organisers come in a range of styles.   They are made from “quality fiberboards, recycled paper and non-hazardous inks and glues, the boxes slot together super-easily and make a fantastic gift …
styled as a realistic 3D version of an Iconic London Double Decker Bus, Big Ben, Black Piano, London Red Bus, and a Blue Motorcycle”.  You can check out the organizers here.


I like these wooden storage boxes to store pencils.   They are a “plain wood desktop studio storage unit with three drawers – perfect for pastels, pens, pencils.   They measure  “height: 3.125 inches; Width: 15.25 Inches; Depth: 9.625 Inches”.

If you prefer your pencils organized on a tree …how about a DNA helix ree???

This 3d printed pencil organizer is based on a DNA sample.  It holds 16 pencils but can be extended to 24.   It would be suitable for holding pencils you are using on a WIP, but probably not suitable for storing your main pencils.

You can check out the 3d Printed DNA pencil organiser here

If you are a fan of cute animals, this little hedgehog pencil holder holds 24 pencils.    It’s super cute and would be great for holding pencils that you are using on a current WIP.

You can check out the cute little hedgehog pencil organiser here.

If you love storing your pencils vertically (hello Kon Mari method!), you might like this storage box that stores over 80 pencils and has been constructed from hardwood.

You can check out the storage box here

wooden pencil storage

You can check out the wooden pencil storage boxes here.

If you are handy, you may want to make your own pencil storage boxes.    This creator has a digital download for plans available to create your own storage box and videos to instruct you on assembly.


You can check out the plans and videos here to make the wooden pencil storage box.

If you are a fan of Copic markers you may want to find a way to store them.   You can purchase bags for your copics but I really like these trays.   They are available in a range of sizes to suit your current marker storage needs.

You can check out the various storage solutions for copic markers here.


You can start the year out the right way with a coloring calendar from the talented Kelly O’Gorman.    The calendar is available for order as either a physical calendar or digital download.

You can pre-order the Kelly O’Gorman 2020 Calendar here.

If you are looking for a gorgeous planner, but don’t have the time or will to color it in, then check out the gorgeous perpetual calendar by one of my favorite artists, Sakuems.     As well as the calendar function you will also find 4 beautiful full-page colored artworks as well as small artworks for the banner and a famous quote.   The perpetual calendar is spiral bound, printed on 300gsm paper and sized at 15 x 21cm.

Bags and Cases

Maybe you need something to carry your supplies around in?   Perhaps you just want to show everyone how much you love your colors.   You can do that with this gorgeous watercolor swatch inspired tote bag.

You can check out the watercolor tote bag here.

The watercolor swatch fabric is also available as a pencil case here.

If you love the look of vintage,  you might like a vintage-inspired watercolor swatch pencil case!    You can store your pencils in this gorgeous pencil case (or even use it for makeup).  I have a number of pencil cases that I use throughout my day –  to store my keys in (so they won’t tear my handbag lining),  daily essentials – lip gloss, nail file, comb …and even pencils for a current WIP!  The pencil “patterns are designed in house, exclusively for our product line. This antique style pattern is a vintage watercolor chart.”

You can check out the vintage watercolor pencil case here.

If you would love a tote bag that you can color in, check out the bags at Kit and Clowder (a new collection is coming soon too!).   Here is a sample of the bags on offer which also come with an online tutorial on how to color them in.

I’ve given away these gorgeous tote bags that you can color in before.   They are super cute and can be colored with markers or pencils.  Check them out here.

Other Gift Ideas for Colorists

If you love to watch the clock …you can kill two birds with one stone and learn color theory at the same time.    This gorgeous clock features the color wheel on it

You can check out the color wheel clock here 

Stocking Stuffers

My pick of gorgeous adult coloring supplies I would like to find in my Christmas stocking!

You can find a range of cute tins at this store.   They are perfect for storing a mini set of watercolor pans (great for traveling!)

Perfect for watercolor pans!

You can check out the range of cute tins for your watercolor pans here!  The store also stocks mini-sets of handmade watercolors as well!

If you want to try handmade watercolors …but you are not ready to commit to a full pan …how about a dot of paint?   These lovely little cards have a small sample of handmade watercolor on it in skin tones.   You can test out the handmade paints and see if coloring skin tones in watercolor is for you or not.


You can check out the gorgeous watercolor dots here.

If you are ever short of background inspiration maybe a stencil would help.  A stencil can help you add a wallpaper design, add some extra bees or flowers, maybe a snowflake or a star or two,  to the background of your picture.  There are a number of makers that are creating stencils that you can use in your coloring books or journals.


You can check out the range of stencils here.

If you want to take your love of coloring pencils further you can use some cute colored pencil stickers in other parts of your life.  Add some of these little cuties to your coloring planner to give a cheery start to your day.

You can check out these cute stickers here.  “Each sticker is apron 2cm x 0.5cm…. matte finish,  ready to peel and use in your planner without a watermark on the finished item.”  The maker is also “happy to make a sheet with only selected color options or a different size pencil if required”.

Maybe you feel like wearing your love of pencils on your person?   There is a range of jewelry that has been crafted from pencils for the serious pencil lover.


Jumbo pencils used as a necklace

Using jumbo-sized pencils this maker creates cute necklaces.  This one is on a sterling silver chain around 30 inches long.   You can check out this colored pencil necklace here.

This colored pencil necklace is “40 centimeters long with a pendant height of 4.5 centimeters and width 5 centimeters…. made from a set of coloring pencils, colors across the rainbow, sanded, varnished and polished to a high sheen … with a black cotton cord”

Handmade colored necklace pendant

What a way to learn color theory! “This handmade pendant features the artist’s color wheel. It is shown in a silver bezel tray, but you can choose your preferred setting color during checkout. The professionally printed image is sealed behind a crystal clear glass dome with jeweler’s grade resin. ….the pendant images will not yellow over time”

You can check out the color theory pendant here.

This gorgeous wooden pencil necklace features a vintage-style chain, the length of your choice with lobster clasp comes with an antique bronze color pendant 1-inch diameter. The image is printed with a dome of crystal glass to cover and protect it.

You can check out the pencil necklace pendant here.

This gorgeous wooden pencil necklace has been created “using recycled Derwent coloring pencils. We take the rejected pencils from the factory and combine them together to make blocks that we cut and shape by hand, creating a unique and individual piece.” The pendant  is “45mm diameter, mounted on 3mm black rubber cord with a sterling silver clasp and sterling silver chain extender – 16 inches + 2 inches respectively”

If you love color palettes and a vintage look then this necklace may appeal to you.   It features a “photo is set in a high-quality bronze or silver pendant setting that measures 1”. The high res image is sealed with jeweler’s grade special resin so it’s water-resistant and has that amazing 3-dimensional effect. The chain is nickel-free and lead-free. You can choose your own length for the chain and can choose to customize the word “create” to a personalized name.

You can check out the palette necklace here.

Maybe earrings are more your thing?

This creator turns stubs into cute earrings.  You can choose “from surgical steel hooks or studs with a ball”  You can check out the colored pencil earrings here.

colored pencil earrings

If you prefer a different setting for your colored pencil earrings you can check out this creator.

I have no idea how effective these pencil sharpeners are ……..but they win my prize for cuteness!   A bunny rabbit pencil sharpener?  Yes, please!!!!

You can check out the cute kawaii pencil sharpeners here.

My favorite pencil sharpener though is not shaped like a bunny 🙁 but it has served me well for years (I still haven’t changed the blades yet!).    I have the M & R pencil sharpener (602 – round) that I adore.    This brass pencil sharpener is sturdy and great for sharpening my Colleen pencils and Prismacolors.    You can also purchase replacement blades making it a great long term investment.

You can check out the M and R pencil sharpeners here.

I’ve wanted one of these gorgeous pencil dusters for a while now.    Every time I see Alyce at Kit and Clowder using one…I get a little envious!   You have to be quick though, as the pencil dusters often sell out when new stock arrives.  Patience is a virtue though, and they usually come back in stock relatively quickly.    Thes pencil dusters are great for removing the build-up of pencil dust on your pages, without smudging, especially when using Prismacolor pencils.

You can check out the pencil duster here.   Don’t worry if it is currently stock as it will be re-ordered and come back in stock again.

These gorgeous handmade watercolor paints would be a great addition to the Christmas stocking.

You can check out the handmade watercolor set here 

Something different … Patreon

You can also give the gift of a subscription to someone you like. I love supporting artists on Patreon and if I had a job and more time …I would support more.    Patreon has a number of fabulous artists that offer their patrons a range of wonderful membership options.

Unfortunately, Patreon does not have Gift Cards so you could just give your favorite person the money to pay for the subscription.

Here are some of my favorite Patreon accounts.  Make sure though you browse Patreon for your favorite artists, colorists, and YouTubers if you wish to support them that way.

Christine Karron –  the lowest cost Patreon subscription I have with just $1 per month.   While a lot of Patreon accounts have a number of different tier levels, Christine has kept it simple with just one-tier.  For $1 per month, you will receive at least one digital page to download in a number of formats (jpg, pdf, etc).  You can check out her Patreon page here 

Enys Guerrero  –  Enys has a range of tiers from $1 to $50 per month.    My favorite tier is the $5 tier which entitles you to an art print and coloring page per month.   Enys’ work is so dark and moody – it’s just stunning!  The bonus piece of art also serves to inspire you when coloring your own.   You can check out her Patreon page here

Small and Round (Jeremiah Ketner) –  Jeremiah creates the cutest little girls to color as well as art prints and sculptures.  He has a range of tiers from $1-$95.00 per month.  My favorite tier is the $5 per month tier which entitles you to a pdf coloring book, behind the scenes and a free coloring page each month.   You can check out his Patreon page here.

Coloring with Olivier –  This talented lady colors and draws and provides tutorials and coloring pages.   She has three tiers ranging from $1 to $5 per month.    The $1 tier represents great value for money with two tutorials per month and a postcard-sized coloring page to color.    You can check out her Patreon here.

Coloring with Alena –  Alena has a range of tiers on her Patreon page from $1- $25 per month.    The $5 tier entitles you to a Q & A video, personal critique of your coloring, coloring tutorials each month.  You can check out Alena’s Patreon here 

Kirsty Partridge –  Kirsty is an artist that draws and paints.    She has two tiers on her Patreon page that offer a massive amount of tutorials.     The $5 tier has 200 real-time drawing and painting tutorials in real-time. “There are tutorials for a variety of different mediums including watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, pastels, graphite and more. I provide the reference, sketch outline and materials list for each tutorial. Every tutorial comes with a clear voice-over explanation of the drawing/ painting process”.  Her $9 monthly tier has 300 real-time tutorials and a new bonus tutorial each month.  You can check out her Patreon page here.

Hopefully, you have found something in this list that you would like to give or receive this Christmas.

Happy coloring x


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