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Chinese Princesses Coloring Books Review

Chinese Princesses Coloring Books Style: color inspiration images, double page printing, Paper: medium quality
Format: Card cover

Chinese Princesses Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of these cute  Princess based coloring books from China.

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Chinese Princesses Coloring Book  Review

Usually, I review my coloring books separately but this time, as these books are only small, I’m reviewing them as a bulk lot.    I have five of these little coloring books from China that are aimed at younger colorists (but can be enjoyed by colorists of all ages).    There are a number of these books available in the series.     The beauty of the books is that they are quite low cost and feature beautiful colored printing.

Chinese Princesses coloring books

The first book reviewed has precolored printing on the coloring page

Cover & Layout

All of the books ahve a glossy cover and feature double page printing.     Each illustration also features a colored inspirational image.   The colored pictures are just beautiful and such a great help for me, as I have such a difficulty deciding on colors.

Princesses coloring book from China with a blue cover

Taken from the Princesses coloring book with a blue cover

Ancillary Pages

Each book features a colored title page and a decorated page at the end (great for testing your mediums)

Chinese coloring book featuring Princesses

Taken from the Princesses coloring book with a purple cover


Illustrations are printed on both sides of the smooth, white medium quality paper.

The first coloring book shown features pre-printed color on the illustration as well as an inspirational image.   The pre-colored printing may not be to every colorist’s taste.   Fortunately, if that’s not your style, then there are many other titles in the series that do not have pre-colored artwork.

Princesses coloring book from China

Taken from the Princesses coloring book with a pink cover

Art Work

The artwork has been printed in a medium line brown line weight in most of the coloring books.

Illustrations feature cute anime-style girls with a variety of hairstyles and clothes.     Colorists that have a talent for blending and shading will enjoy all the elements that feature on a page.

Colorists with a minor visual impairment may find that many of the illustrations have too much detail on the page to focus on.

Princesses coloring book from China

Taken from the Princesses Coloring book with a red cover

Detail Level


Where to buy

Coloring Book with Pre Colored Backgrounds Coloring Books 2-5

Happy coloring x


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