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Cat Therapy: 100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation

Cat Therapy - adult coloring book
Written by coloringqueen
Art Therapy: Cat Therapy: 100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Charlotte Segond-Rabilloud, Vincent Jaunatre, Lidia Kostanek, Geraldine Meo, Émilie Ramon
on January 1st 1970
Format: Hard back

If you love coloring cats and want a sturdy coloring book to color in then you may like this one.

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Cat Therapy: 100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation

This beautiful cat therapy colouring book for adults is illustrated by Charlotte Segond-Rabilloud, Vincent Jaunatre, Lidia Kostanek, and Geraldine Meo.   The front cover of the book comes in many different formats – it is the same book just with a different cover.

The book is clad in a hard back cover and is very sturdy (and heavy!).   One advantage of the hard cover is that you do not need to remove the pages to rest them on a clipboard to color.

The book measures 29.5 x 21 cm approximately.   This is a good size as it is the same as most standard copy paper.  Some people like to copy the image from the book, for their personal use, to try out color schemes before using the book.    Copying the image is also useful if you wish to use better quality paper.  Naturally, you should not distribute the artist’s image if you do this.

The start of the book gives you information about color theory and different mediums that you can use to start your cat therapy book.

There are a variety of cat images throughout the book, patterns of cats, cats sitting, playing etc.    There are also different cat types with stripes and shading although they all look somewhat similar breed.

The illustrations are printed on both sides of the white paper.     The paper is thick but I would test your markers on the introductory pages to ensure there is no bleed through.

All of the images are full page which means that they go to the spine of the book.     As the book is hard back it does tend to lay flat quite easily.   It should not be too difficult to color in the parts of the image that are on the spine.

The images offer a lot of variety for different skill levels of colorists.    There are illustrations that have a lot of detail on the cats and the backgrounds which would be better suited for those with good motor skills and vision.     There are many images that have larger spaces and less detail, more suitable for those that wish to have something easy to color, have visual issues or motor impairment.

I would have liked to see more different breeds of cats in the book (I think I seen only one of a fluffy persian – my favorite) but there is a wide range compared to other cat colouring books on the market.    As always, it would have been preferable for the illustrations to be single sided paper particularly as most of the illustrations did not take a double page spread.

Cat Therapy: 100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation Video Review

Enjoy the video review of this cat therapy adult coloring book:

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