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Cat and Magical Adventure – Akari (切り離せるぬりえ 猫と魔法の冒険)

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on 25 March 2016
Style: Contains Extras, double page printing, Perforated pages
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover with fold out

Come along for the ride with two cats and their friends on their magical adventure. You will be transported through woods, the ocean and have fun with the cats but the wide variety of animals they meet along the way.

Cat and Magical Adventure – Akari (切り離せるぬりえ 猫と魔法の冒険)

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Cat and Magical Adventure Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  the very cute Japanese coloring book,  Two Cats and their Magical Adventure above.

Cat and Magical Adventure Coloring Book Review

I completely fell in love with the cover of this book when I seen it online.    The two gorgeous cats sitting down to a nice cup of milk while their friends look on.   Adorable.    I am not sure of the translation of the title of this book, as something always appears to be lost in translation, when the title is not in English.

Cover & Layout

The Cat and Magical Adventure Japanese coloring book features  a partially vibrantly colored glossy dust jacket.  The front features the adorable cats, monkeys, bunny, bears and parrots that made me fall in love with it.  On the back cover a repeat design is featured.    There are two colored bunnies at the foot of the cover and above is the line art for you to color.   All of the cover art is included in the coloring book for you to color.    As the dust jacket is glossy, it will be easier to keep clean from smudges and general dirt.

The inner card cover is white gloss and features a metallic silver outline  of the front cover art and back cover art for you to color and enjoy.

The book measures approximately 25cm x 26cm.

Ancillary Pages

A lot of Japanese and Korean coloring books feature special treats as does this one, which I’ll list in the Bonus section below.

A title page commences the book with text in Japanese and the two cute cats one of which appears to have a pet platypus.  Over the page portraits of the cats appear, a platypus, a ram and a set of keys.   Accompanying text is in Japanese, but I am assuming that this is an introduction to the characters in the book.

From leafing through the Cat and Magical Adventure Coloring Book it appears to be an interactive book where you are meant to find keys hidden throughout the book.  Fortunately at the end of the book the visual index indicates where keys can be found.


The illustrations are printed on both sides of the off white paper which has been perforated.     I love the perforated pages that are easy to remove but I question why the images were printed double sided with this feature.   When coloring, if you use markers you will need to make a choice on which image you will color and lose the opportunity to color the other side.     The paper is a tad short of medium quality, which means that if you are using pencils lots of heavy layering and pressure may damage the reverse image.

All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style throughout the book.

Care has been taken with the position and placement of the art work to avoid the perforation line and ensure that no art work is removed when tearing from the book.

There are a few pages of double page scenes and again the images have been placed so as to avoid the perforation mark.   When the pictures are removed they will align and form the complete double page scene.


This is a fun and quirky book that follows the adventures of two cats and their animal friends.   You follow their journey as they enter a forest and you will find lots of other little animal to color including bunnies, koalas, platypus and birds.

In fact, this book is filled with animals of all types big animals like elephants, butterflies, snails and mice all make an appearance.  There are frogs, bears and even teddy bears.      A lot of the art work features natural scenes with a variety of different trees and leaves to color in.     There are also playful things to color in like rocking horses, teepees and pirate ships.   You can color without gaining weight any of the cupcakes and candy featured in pages of the book.    It seems nowadays that every animal or being in a coloring book uses a bird or other creature as a mode of transportation and this book is no different, a lovely butterfly has the arduous task of giving a ride to two cats hauling a platypus!

The artist has used the whole of the page to express the imagination in this book.  If you love doing background effects you may not have any white space to do that here.    All of the pages are filled with background and foreground elements to form complete works of art when colored.

The line work varies throughout the book.   A medium to heavy line is used most often.   Although most of the line art is a dull black there are many lines, perhaps artistically intended for more definition, that are a brighter crisper black.

Although there is a lot of art work filling the page there is also a lot of open spaced areas that colorists with minor visual impairment will be pleased to see.

Cat and Magical Adventure Coloring Book Image Gallery

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As is often the case with the lovely coloring books we see from Japan there is a treat at the back.    There are 12 lovely pages of card stock imagery that you can use as postcards, gift tags (or small bookmarks).   The cards are printed on both sides of the card stock the reverse side having lines for writing a message or postcard details   The pages are perforated to remove from the book and a dotted guide line has been printed for you to cut the images out.    The ink color is more brown black than black in the book on these images.   There are also 2 images in the book that you can fold up to make a little box to hold your treasures in.   All of the illustrations feature images from the book, some more complex than others.

Where to Buy

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Happy coloring x





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