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Campervan Colouring – Freedom Collection Review

Written by coloringqueen
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by Kludoman
Published by Bonnier Books Limited on May 2nd 2016
Style: Contains Extras, double page printing, pre colored background
Pages: 64
Format: Card cover with fold out

Campervans rule for this artist as all his works are themed on the campervan world.

This coloring book is full of classic, vintage campervans that will take you on a journey through sun, sand and beach fun as you color your way through the pages.

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Campervan Colouring Book Review

There is something about a campervan, especially a 60’s -70’s  model that always makes me smile.     They are incredibly cheerful.   When decorated hippie / boho style they seem even more attractive to me.       That’s how I fell in love with the Campervan Colouring book cover.  I looked at it, and it was so cute and cheerful, it just made me smile 🙂

The Campervan Colouring book is illustrated by Kludo White who appears to be an all round artist.    He has interests in creating music – for your campervan travels, writing and, of course, art.

The book has a lovely card cover with a fold out.     On the inside and back cover you will see faint grey line work for a collection of vans that you could color in.   The cover itself is glossy and there are no coloring opportunities there.    The book measures approximately 25cm x 25cm (9 3/4 in x 9 3/4 in approximately).  The book is very well made with its glossy cover, fold outs and extra postcards at the rear of the book.    My book was printed in Italy.

Inside you will find a world of classic campervans that have been decorated in hippie/beach style.    I find the book quite charming, but I do love anything vintage!     The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper.     The paper is white, smooth and good quality – although it is not heavyweight paper.

The line work on the illustrations is very good.   It is a medium weight and black and crisp.   Visually, I have no problems seeing the lines without my glasses on.      That’s always my test for how good the line work is 🙂

Usually, I’m not a fan of  coloring books with pre printing on them.     There are always exceptions.    I do like the way that the book has the backgrounds pre printed in vibrant colors and some elements as it just gives it more a sense of  fun.    This is the type of book that you should have fun with when you color.  The background colors, I think, set you off on the right frame of mind for that.     The negative, that I have with pre printing is that it presupposes a color palette.    Normally, I would object to that because I do like to choose my own colors.    In this case,  I do not believe it is an issue, because the theme of the book all speaks to strong, vibrant happy colors.   The background just layers that concept.

Campervan Coloring Book

Campervan Coloring Book – pages have preprinted color

As most readers will know I’m not a fan of  coloring books with lots of fiddly bits (although I do love to look at them).     I am pleased to say that whilst this book has a lot of detail in the illustrations, there are plenty of illustrations that have larger spaces on them, making it easy to color.

One of the great things about illustrations like these ones is that they allow a lot of scope for the colorist.      Colorists on their training wheels (like me) will be happy enough to keep between the lines and color in solid blocks.     The result will still be fantastic.    Colorists that come to the page with skills, will find that they can add more to the finished product by strategic blending and shading to really make the image pop with dimension.

Campervan Coloring Book

Campervan Coloring Book

The book does not lay down completely flat, but does flatten enough to make it easy to color near the tricky spine area.    All of the illustrations use the full page and there are some illustrations that are a double page spread.   Usually, this is a problem for colorists coloring close to the spine but due to the pre printing, and the quality of the book laying down well, it should not be an issue.

Campervan Coloring Book

Campervan Coloring Book – large spaces for easy coloring

At the rear of the book are 4 pre printed postcards for you to send to friends.   There is a small amount of coloring that you could do on the cards, or you could just send them as is.    They would also look adorable in a frame for the campervan fan.

Campervan Colouring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoy the video review of the Campervan Coloring book below:

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About Kludo White

Kludo White is an artist, actor, musician and writer. He produces a number of artistic works that are all campervan themed based.

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