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Calling All Simona Candini Fans

Simona Candini announces coloring book

The Alexi Era Gallery describes the art of Italian artist, Simona Candini as "...embody a beautiful yet sometimes dark world inhabited by big eyed girls and improbable creatures. With a stirring of emotions translated onto each new work of art, Simona brings her love of the old fairytales and childhood imaginings to us in a unique and poetic way."

This year is shaping up already to be a great year!    There are some fantastic coloring books coming out that I’m looking forward to but this news really made my day!

I love Simona Candini’s art work,  those big eyed girls and mix of pop surrealism just seduces me.    A few weeks ago,  I was cruising her Etsy store and discovered a gorgeous Betty Boop print (made sure hubby seen it too with my Birthday fast approaching).   While I was there,  I had thought of messaging Simona Candini and asking if we could possibly hope for a coloring book.     I didn’t, because  I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t be the only one that has asked her and I got a little distracted looking at said Betty Boop print 🙂

Simona Candini Art Work

If  you have not heard of  Simona Candini or are unsure what her work looks like,  have a look at the Instagram pics below or visit her Instagram profile.

Little Red Riding Hood is certainly looking good

❤Happy Valentine Day My Darlings❤ #valentineday #valentines #redridinghood #bigbadwolf #love

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Her artwork is cute, it can be sexy, there also can be a dash of creepy ..but whatever it is, it is always interesting and imaginative

***ORIGINAL AVAILABLE**** I’ve received this painting back from my latest solo show and I’ve just listed it in my Etsy shop (link in profile). Also payment plans are available upon request. This is the only original available at the moment and It’s directly from me, the artist! You can also direct message me or send inquiry to simonacandini@hotmail.Com These two little angels are looking for a sweet home💖 Don’t miss this chance to grab an original oil painting of mine! #simonacandini #siminacandiniart #artforsale #beautifulbizarre #beautifulbizarremagazine #oilpainting #art #popsurrealismo #popsurreal #angels #friends #friendsforever #contemporaryartist #contemporaryart #popart #fantasy #pop #oilpainting

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There’s a real beauty and depth in her big eyed girls that I find captivating

#moreprints! ☺

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There’s Betty!

#Prints! 🙂

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Simona Candina Coloring Book Announcement

When I seen this post on Instagram last night when Simona Candina announced she was creating a coloring book …I nearly cried with excitement.   I’m super excited about this coloring book….and can’t wait for it to be released!  I hope she doesn’t keep us waiting too long!

You can visit Simona’s shop here.    The coloring book is in progress, so don’t expect it in her Etsy shop for a little while yet.  I’ll certainly let you know when it is available!

Happy coloring x


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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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