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What to buy your favorite colorist this Christmas?

Looking for a gift for your favorite colorist and don't know what to choose? Or perhaps you are looking for a treat for yourself or to add to Santa's list?

What to buy your favorite colorist this Christmas?

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Christmas Gifts for Colorists

I often ask my hubby why he doesn’t buy me a coloring book. He always has the same answer, he wouldn’t know what to get me! Understandable, as I have quite a few in my collection 🙂 I also have quite a few pencils, markers and what not and if I don’t have them …they could be winging their way to me (I bought myself the Spectrum Noir markers for Christmas, as Santa has been ignoring my pleas lol)

I am sure that there are a lot of colorists in the same situation as I am in. You have the books, you have the pencils or markers that you want but there’s always some little accessory or gadget that you fancy. Usually, I add to cart my books and pencils first …the pretties before I think practical, if at all. I’m guessing that some of you are the same 🙂

So my list of things to buy your favorite colorist this season are more practical and less pretty. They are the things that you probably would put off buying for yourself but would love to receive.

Something Practical

Prismacolor Verithin

The first thing I am going to include is pencils.  So often we put off buying the hard core Prismacolor Verithins when we have the soft core set. These are so handy to have if you use Prismacolors because they really get in those tight spots, and you do not need to sharpen the point as much.

They come in a 12, 24 or 36 pack.

You can buy the Prismacolor Verithins here

160 Slot Pencil Case

Something to store those pencils in, particularly if you have the 150 prismacolors and a few blender pencils, then you might find this storage case useful.     The case is designed to hold 160 pencils.   It also comes with a strap so you can carry it around with you, if needed.

There is a choice of 4 different colors to choose from – black, blue, brown, purple and red.   You can see the case here.

Crafting & Coloring Tote Bag

Toting your coloring supplies from room to room or if going on a short break can be a pain so having a tote to fit a few books and supplies in may be a welcome gift

This tote bag made by Artist’s Loft has a large space in the middle for your coloring books and small pockets on the outside to hold your pencils.     You can see the bag here.

Undated Coloring Planner

As the year ends it is natural that we start to think about next year and plan ahead. What better way to plan ahead and color at the same time with a planner that you can color in.

There are a large variety of planners that you can color available.   Each page in this planner has a colorable image and each month has a Colorable banner image.    

As it is undated you can use it for any year (often useful if you end up with two planners from Santa or do calendar and financial year planning).   I like the spiral binding and products produced by Action Publishing and find them to be well made and thought out.

The planner is available in two sizes medium and large. You can see the planner, including a peek inside here.

Posh: Coloring 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar

It’s no secret that I adore Thaneeya McArdle’s art work.  It is so happy and cute and never fails to cheer me up.    I actually have this calendar ….and a few others.

What I like about calendars is that they are produced in a number of different formats like desk top, pad, wall so you can choose the type that you want.

All the calendars that you can color in have a range of images to color so you are sure to find something you enjoy coloring.         The other great thing about coloring calendars is that it is only a small project and perfect for those times when you don’t fancy, or have time, to start a large picture from a book.

There are a number of calendars that you can buy,   I like this one from Posh which you can check out here.

Color Joy I Am Not A Paper Cup – Travel Coffee Mug

This gift has to be my fave …I love my morning coffee!

Every morning I walk one of my dogs around the area and we stop off and get a take away large cappuccino. Because I drink so slowly, this coffee tends to last me hours, at least until lunch time! I’d love to ditch the paper cup for a beautiful ceramic one like this that I could color in!

There’s a variety of designs and different images – something for every tea or coffee lover!   I think they would make great Christmas gifts too either uncolored with a pack of markers or colored in.

You can buy the Color Joy cup here and color it with glass and ceramic markers!  These markers make working with small spaces so much easier than brushes, in my opinion.  I’ve got quite a few ceramic cups from the days when I used to paint ceramics and fire them in the kiln.   I wish they had markers then!

Time to Stop Squinting!

One of the best things I purchased this year was a magnifying lamp. Squinting my eyes all the time was giving me way too many wrinkles trying to find the lines on some detailed coloring pages. Mine is very similar to this one and I purchased it from the local hardware store, Bunnings,  in Australia.

There are a variety of magnifying lamps for sale from desk top models to stand up lamps.   Find something that works for you, if you have problems with vision and small detail.

You can buy a magnifying lamp at Amazon here.

Fun Gifts

T-Shirts Sharing Your Passion

You could wear your heart on your sleeve, a real sleeve that is, and tell the world what you really think about coloring

There are a lot of fun “coloring” themed t-shirts for sale.     I like the colors in this one!  So cheerful and in my case, so true 🙂

Color Your Own

Why not color a t shirt instead. Just grab some markers suitable for fabric and get coloring!

This one has been created by Jean Roberts and is based on her Coastal Art.      They would also make great Christmas presents with a pack of markers tossed in for some Sunday afternoon family fun.

If a T-shirt is not your thing, what about a cushion cover that you can color in and give as a gift or keep for yourself. Evelyn Illustrations has a range of cushion covers and other coloring products that you can color in.

Colorable Cushion Cover

Colorable Cushion Cover

Check out her range of cushion covers to color in here. You can also see my video review and coloring of one of her designs on You Tube here.

Stocking Stuffers

If you are after a small gift as a stocking stuffer, then check out these practical gifts for colorists that are a perfect fit for a Christmas stocking!

Derwent Pencil Extender Set

When we have colored so much our poor pencils look like match sticks we know that we can still get some life out of them with a pencil extender.  Derwent make pencil extenders that are reliable and easy to use to get the last gasps out of those pencils!

You can buy the Derwent pencil extenders here

Prismacolor Accessory Pack

If you are just starting with Prismacolor pencils you might consider picking up the accessory pack. There are a few types available that have a blender pencil and sharpener and sometimes eraser in them. These make great stocking stuffers

You can buy the Prismacolor accessory pack here.

Dash of  Sparkles or a Wink of Stella

Sometimes your colored picture just needs a little dash of something it may be white, gold, silver or some transparent glitter!  If it is glitter that will perk your picture up then this handy 3 pack of wink of stella comes in clear, silver and gold.   Great for adding those finishing touches to your coloring!

You can buy the three pack of  Wink of Stella here.

White Gel Pen

Sometimes it may just be a few white spots that your picture needs to really complete it. For adding little spots or fine line dashes of white for highlights a gel pen is an essential tool, in my opinion.

My favorite white gel pen is the Signo above but there are many brands available that you can choose from.   You can get the Signo White Gel Pen here.

Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

This electric eraser by Derwent is handy for removing colored pencil in small areas where you may have made a mistake without lifting the paper.   I have this eraser and you do need to be gentle with it and it is for small areas only 🙂   The great thing about it is how well it works by removing the color that has been layed down.     Derwent also have tutorials where you can use the eraser to place  highlights on your work (I prefer the white gel pen but each to their own 🙂 )

You can buy the Derwent eraser and refills here.


Coloring Magazine

I don’t buy a lot of coloring magazines any more because in Australia, for the price, I may as well buy a coloring book 🙂   The magazine that I would really like but it is not available in Australia is Do Magazine by Design Originals.   The magazine comes out quarterly and is also available on Amazon.      They always have an impressive range of techniques, skills and art to color that make it appealing all round.

You can buy the magazine at Amazon here or at their website here.

Coloring Classes

If you are a real coloring fan and want to learn some new skills then you may like a coloring course.    One of my favorite places to go to learn about coloring is at Kit and Clowder.     Alyce at Kit and Clowder is a wizz with a pencil and marker.

Her classes are mainly aimed at card makers and crafters.  However all the techniques she teaches and lessons she has can be used in your coloring books.

She offers specialist technique courses that you can purchase where you can learn how to color skin and hair,  create fur texture for animals or even feathers as well as much more.

There are also monthly courses on  subscription in either pencil techniques or marker techniques (or get both at a saving).    I have  a few of the technique courses and monthly courses and can’t wait to have time to enjoy these courses more.   Santa has bought me a set of markers so I can really enjoy my course!

Kit and Clowder Coloring Courses

Alyce also has free courses from time to time, that you can join to see if it is something you fancy or not.  You can also join the Kit and Clowder Facebook Group without being a member of  the paid classes.  Try out markers 101 for free 

I hope you have found a few ideas for a Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer for your favorite colorist!

Happy coloring x














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  • Great post!! I made a wish list for Bday and Xmas, that way who want to make me a present know exacly what I want Now I’ll send your link to some whatsapps contact

    • Thanks Cathie! I was thinking when I read it …that it’s not really Christmas specific and would suit for all occasions. I actually read somewhere that a bride asked for coloring items on her bridal registry! That’s what I would do too he he!

  • Love your list! Santa (aka mom) is bring mea magnifying light since I have borrowed hers! Lol

    • Fantastic Heather! I love mine and it makes such a difference to coloring! They are super practical for the keen colorist x Happy coloring x

  • Love this…have bought a few for myself, on this list. But you have given me ideas to tell family.
    Thank you, Lea

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