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Botanical Weave Coloring Book Review

Botanical Weave Coloring Book Buy on Book Depository|Buy from the Artist/Author|Buy from Bol in The Netherlands
by Maryna Horbachova
on 2017
Style: Digital PDF
Pages: 25

Beautifully drawn and intricate flowers and botanicals

Botanical Weave Coloring Book Review

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Botanical Weave PDF Coloring Book Video Review

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Botanical Weave Coloring Book  Review

I fell in love with the art work of Dutch artist,  Maryna Horbachova when I set eyes on a picture from her Sheep Coloring Book.    The Sheep coloring book is filled with gorgeous images of sheep engaging in human activities like making soup and sewing.   It is is so whimsical and cute, you can’t help smile when looking at it.

Maryna is a very versatile artist, as I discovered when buying my Sheep coloring book, because I spied this intricate floral coloring book that reminded me of Floribunda.    The versatility to draw first cute sheep and then intricate and elaborate natural looking flowers and botanicals is amazing.

Two coloring books by the same artist could not be more different, yet the same similarity of attention to detail and intricacy is in both.

Cover & Layout

Botanical Weave is available in both hard copy format and pdf digital download.    My review is of  the pdf digital edition where you can download the book to your computer and print out the pages on the paper of your choice.    When I seen Botanical Weave colouring book I knew that I wanted to use water colors with the imagery, so choosing the pdf edition was an easy decision to make.

The cover is lovely shades of teal green as a background with the intricate floral line art surrounding the title.    The intricacy and delicacy of this line art is indicative of the pictures that are contained in the download.

When you purchase the PDF edition of the coloring book, the color cover is not provided with your download.    Usually, artists omit the colored cover art as you may inadvertently print it out and use up valuable ink on your printer.

Ancillary Pages

A title page has been included but it is not necessary to print this out, unless you wanted to.


The pdf digital edition is contained in a number of files which are clearly marked 1-5, 6 -9, 10-14, 15-20 and a final pdf labelled names of flowers which contains individual pictures of flowers and other botanicals used in the book.

June 27. You can see my progress for 3 years. I found my first watercolor album)) That’s my first botanical art. Нашла свой первый акварельный альбом, а в нем одна из первых “ботанических иллюстраций”, я так старалась тогда! Лучше бы, конечно, нарисовать похожий сюжет для подобного сравнения, но, как есть)) Акварель достала в первый раз 3 года назад( то, что было в академии курсом акварели скорее напугало и запутало, чем научило ) Не скажу, что я прямо сразу села учиться и разбираться, нет, рисовала как умела, и думала, что вполне умею. Даже бумагу предварительно не увлажняла , типа “рисую по сухому, у меня стиль такой!” #painting #illustration #illustrator #art #watercolor #aquarela #aquarelle #botanicalart #flowers #92days_of_summer_2017

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Botanical Weave Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in this coloring book feature full page scenes  showcasing a particular flower or botanical.    The artist tends to use the whole of the page to create these intricate and detailed designs.

Line art is black, crisp and easy to see.    However, for colorists with a minor visual impairment, the amount of elements on a page may be overwhelming.

Included with the book is a 4 page pdf showcasing the individual elements with their names.    It is always useful to have a name for the botanicals in case you wish to research it for a natural looking coloring.    These pages, I think, will be particularly useful as practice sheets.    Being able to practice how to color the roses, for instance, before diving into a page full of them will make coloring the picture so much easier.  It will possibly produce a result that you are pleased with too.

As you can purchase this book as a pdf download you have a choice of papers and mediums that you could use to color your flowers and botanicals.   You could print on alcohol based blending card and color with your alcohol markers, print on watercolor paper and color with watercolors, waterbrushes or Inktense pencils.   You could print on paper  that has a good tooth ,and really build up layers with your pencils to produce a vibrant result.  Of course, if you are not happy with any of your pictures you can always reprint the page and try a different color scheme or medium.

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Detail Level

Low High

Where to buy hard copy Botanical Weave Coloring Book

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Amazon Book Depository

Where to buy digital PDF copy Botanical Weave Coloring Book

You can purchase the digital PDF from the artist’s website here.

Happy coloring x



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