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Blaga Hrvatske – Treasures of Croatia

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by Dragica Banic
Style: Perforated pages, single page illustrations
Format: Card cover

Blaga Hrvatske - Treasures of Croatia is a well made coloring book that provides the colorist with a cultural and educational journey of Croatia as well as coloring enjoyment.

Blaga Hrvatske – Treasures of Croatia

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Blaga Hrvatske – Treasures of Croatia Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of this lovely coloring book from Croatia – BlagaHrvatske

Blaga Hrvatske – Treasures of Croatia Coloring Book Review

This lovely coloring book has been created by Croatian illustrator,  Dragica Banic.     The theme of the book is  the Treasures of  Croatia and it has been created to present a view of  Croatia guiding the colorist through various important aspects of  life in Croatia.       On the left hand side of the book text has been inserted about some aspect of life in Croatia and on the right hand side there is an illustration to color in.      The text has been presented in both Croatian and English to ensure that a wider audience can enjoy the information.

Cover & Layout

Treasures of Croatia is a lot larger coloring book than you may imagine from seeing it online.    I am so used to books being smaller than I thought that this was a bit of a novelty for me 🙂   The cover is a matte laminate that features pre printing of flowers, grapes and mushrooms.       The title is surrounded by a vine.    The colored butterflies and birds within the title frame have the appearance of embossed stickers as does the title name.

The back cover features the line art, uncolored from the front cover.     This could be colored in if you wish.

The book measures 29cm x 29cm (approximately 11.6 in x 11.6in)

As most people are familiar with the sizing used by Johanna Basford I have included a comparison photograph below



Ancillary Pages

There are no ancillary pages in the coloring book.      This is a shame as it is often useful to have a page that you can test your mediums on, whether it is specifically designed for that purpose or not.  A title page, nameplate page or even a copyright information page could also be used to test out mediums on.     In Treasures of Croatia the copyright information has been printed on the inside card cover and the back cover contains an advertisement.


The illustrations have been printed on white, heavy weight paper.   On the left hand side of the book you will find some text information about Croatia and on the right hand side there are single page illustrations to color.    The illustrations are printed on paper that is perforated for easy removal.



There are 32 illustrations to color in the Treasures of Croatia coloring book.    All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style in the book.

The artist has used a crisp, black line to outline the images which makes it very easy to see. The line weight varies between  a medium and heavy line weight.   This is a great book for colorists that have minor visual impairment as they will find discerning the outlines easy.

The art work in this book ranges from whimsical to folk art inspired.    There are simple buildings surrounded by flowers, some people in elaborate costumes, birds and elaborate scenes.    The vast variety of types of images make this a good general themed book for colorists.

A lot of the illustrations are filled with details that should provide a number of hours of coloring fun.  Some of the illustrations cover the entire page and some of the line art will be lost when the image is removed from the perforation guide.     Some of the illustrations have a lot of white space and colorists that love doing backgrounds will enjoy adding effects and color to these areas.

Colorists that have motor impairment may find some of the detail in images difficult to color, as there are a number of images with smaller areas to color.

Blaga Hrvatske – Treasures of Croatia Image Gallery

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Where to Buy Blaga Hrvatske – Treasures of Croatia Coloring Book

Amazon US  Amazon UK      Croatian Bookstore

Happy coloring x



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