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Birds & Butterflies – Colouring For Mindfulness – Adult Coloring Book Review

Birds & Butterflies Colouring Book - Adult Colouring Book Review
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Birds & Butterflies: Color Your Way to Calm Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Alice Chadwick
on December 1st 2015
Style: double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover with fold out

A coloring book that will relax and inspire, all the while transporting you to a world filled with birds and butterflies waiting to be brought to vivid life.
Grab your colored pens and pencils, open this book and discover the world of birds and butterflies. This intricate coloring book takes you on a journey in the sky, where beautifully detailed illustrations are waiting to be brought to colorful life. Along the way, search for small creatures hidden behind leaves and feathers. And don't forget to create your own designs in the blank spaces, where your inspiration will act as a guide.
Appealing to all ages, Birds & Butterflies is both beautiful and inspirational. This book will reveal the artistic side you may not know you have, and allow you to forget your worries and relax as you enter this wonderful and intricate world.

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Birds & Butterflies  Colouring Book Review

The Birds and butterflies colouring book by London illustrator, Alice Chadwick.     The book measures 25cm x 25cm.   The cover is partially printed but there are parts of it that still could be colored in.    It has a fold out card cover with butterflies on the inner and back cover.    This illustration is also included in a double page spread in the book.  There is also a cover flap with a lovely yellow background and a few illustrations to color in.       Your color palette will be limited however on this section due to the yellow background.

As expected from the title, the book features birds and butterflies.   At the start of the book there is a nameplate.      You will then find a list of items that you can find throughout the book giving the book an interactive quality.   Don’t worry the answers are at the back 🙂

You will find that the illustration on the cover of the book is the next image in the book.   Some artists seem to forget to include the cover image in their book.    Thankfully, the artist and publisher have not in this case!

The illustrations in the birds and butterflies colouring book  are printed on both sides of the paper.  Whilst the paper is good quality, it is not good enough to withstand markers.   Always test first on one of the forward pages to see how much your favorite coloring medium shows and bleeds to the other side.

The line work on the images is crisp, black and clear.   It should not present a problem for those with minor visual problems.

You will find many illustrations are a double page spread.    The illustrations can vary from birds in flight, butterflies, birds on a bird bath, birds in a tree, ducks, cutesy butterflies and flowers, some of the  images are more a reflection of nature whilst others are cute and whimsical.     There is a wide variety of images in the book.

For me, I would have preferred a more whimsical book in keeping with the cover picture and on single sided paper 🙂

Birds & Butterflies  Colouring Book Video Review

Enjoy the flip through video review of the Birds and Butterflies colouring book below:

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About Alice Chadwick

Alice Chadwick is an illustrator who lives in East London. Her work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, books and fashion.

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