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The Bicycle Coloring Book – Journey to the Edge of the World

The Bicycle Coloring Book: Journey to the Edge of the World Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Shan Jiang
Published by Laurence King Publishing on May 17th 2016
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, Interactive, single page illustrations
Pages: 144
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue Binding, Posters

The Bicycle Coloring Book follows the fantastic journey of a bicycle exploring an unknown world without its rider. Bursting with intricate illustrations that evoke both Japanese anime and Western street art, the beautiful scenes cry out to be colored in amazing detail.

The Bicycle Coloring Book – Journey to the Edge of the World

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I would never have thought a coloring book about the journey of a bicycle (without rider) and a cat would become one of my favorite coloring books.    The Bicycle Coloring Book has grabbed my attention with the beautiful presentation and layout of the book, and the imaginative illustrations contained within it.

Cover & Layout

Unlike most coloring books for adults the Bicycle Coloring Book has been printed in a landscape format.    The book measures approximately 21cm x 27cm (8 1/4 in x 10 3/4 in) approximately). On the left side of the book, the book has been covered in a red, lightly textured tape type material.  It reminds me somewhat of book binding and legal tape.  It wraps around the side of the book, giving it an impression of sturdiness. The balance of the cover contains a partially colored image from the book.    Looking closely at the image you will get a sense of the artistic style.    There’s a bike, but also a rocket, an astronaut, a cat on the bike and a crouching tiger ….wow!

The title has been printed in white and gold foil highlights.

The cover folds out to show the full image.  The inside cover is aqua and does not contain any line art.

Bunnys, a cat and a bike

Bunnys, a cat and a bike

You know a book is quirky when the title page is a cat drawing a bike!

The bike journey throughout the world, has been printed on one side of the paper.  On the reverse an image of a cat has been printed.     A lot of thought has gone into this imagery (and I would love to have the patience to do it myself).   Over the various pages the cat changes poses, gets a ball and more and then the “cat story” ends with just the ball. If you flip through on the left hand side you will see that it is part flip book of the cat and part coloring book.    I love this sort of interactivity.  It is clever and elegant.

City scenes are common in the book

City scenes are common in the book

The paper feels like a thin cardstock.   It is white, smooth and very good quality.


The illustrations depict the journey of a bike, without a rider, around the world. The cat accompanies the bike throughout the journey and ends up in some funny places. The artist, Shan Jiang, has managed to take this bike through the streets of the city, under water, over mountains, on top of skyscrapers, the circus, space and of course, the countryside.

Bicycle colouring book review

All of the illustrations have a thin border framing them and they have been nicely centered on the page.

Bicycle Journey Coloring Book

The illustrations finish about .05 cm from the spine of the book giving the colorist room to color near the binding of the book. The book does lay down flat, but because of its size you do need to be very forceful.

I love this cat!

I love this cat!

The outlines have been drawn in black with some solid black used in images. The line work is fine and delicate throughout and additional shadowing and texture has been added by the artist. If I had one niggle, it would be that some of the lines are visually too fine for me to see easily. For this book, however, I have no qualms in cranking up my magnifying lamp to see the detail.


gorgeous detail



There are two beautiful fold out posters within the book, complete with a colored image on the reverse.



The fold out is too big for my camera!
Bicycle coloring book posters

Shan Jiang has completed illustrations before for a bike magazine, I believe.   Online there are many colored versions of his art.   You can get an idea of how these bike drawings look colored by looking at the quick screen video I created below.    His art work is so amazingly vibrant, with a poster and urban street art look that is beautiful.

The Bicycle Coloring Book  Video Review

Enjoy the video review of  The Bicycle Coloring Book – Journey to the Edge of the World below:

Where to buy The Bicycle Coloring Book

You can buy the Bicycle Coloring Book from Amazon US, Amazon UK or Book Depository.

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Happy coloring x








About Shan Jiang

Shan’s work is influenced by the streets of Shanghai where he grew up. He is now based in London and works as an illustrator at the London Design Company, Shotopop that he part owns. His art work has a graffiti, poster and anime look that is both detailed and vibrant. He holds a MA from Edinburgh College of Art.

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