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Beautiful Girls With Poem Coloring Book Review

Beautiful Girls with Poem Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by m.o.m.o. girl
on 29 January 2018
Format: Dust Jacket
Beautiful Girls With Poem Coloring Book Review

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Beautiful Girls with Poem Coloring Book  Review

I am sure many of you addicted to coloring and coloring books like me will understand the feeling you get when you see a coloring book cover.     When I first seen the illustrations that would be included in this Korean coloring book my heart skipped a beat.   It was love at first sight.    Like a love sick school girl with a crush, every day I religiously checked if it was available for sale yet.  Not once a day,  every few hours 🙂 .     Checking multiple sources – obsessively.

Of course,  I loved it so much that I purchased two coloring books.   One for me to color in and one for me to keep and  admire.     It’s not unusual for me to buy duplicate coloring books ….but usually it is by accident rather than on purpose.

Cover & Layout

The glossy dust jacket cover features gold foiling for the title and artist name.    The cover art is included in the coloring book for you to color.    The partial colored image has a decal like sticker over the colored area, giving it a reflective shine.  A full color version of the front and back cover art features on the card cover of the coloring book proper.

Beautiful Girls with Poems (I am not sure if the translation is correct) is approximately A4 size measuring 28.3 cm x 22.5cm.

Ancillary Pages

At the start of the book there is a title page printed in green text with book information on the reverse.    This would be the best spot to test out your mediums. Over leaf you will find two mint green pages with text in Korean.  One page  presumably is a message from the artist while the other may be a table of contents.

A floral wreath forms a nameplate page for the book.

One of my favorite parts of this coloring book is the beautiful colored illustrations that are included.  I would love to remove them from the book and hang them up in my cluttered coloring cave.    There are 8 colored illustrations, printed on both sides of the paper.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the paper for most of the book.   The paper is smooth, off white and a medium/ sturdy quality.    If you wished to use wet media in the book, I would discreetly test on one of the ancillary pages or a page that you did not fancy.  Alcohol markers would bleed through as this paper is not designed for that use.

At the end of the book there are 4 illustrations that have been horizontally orientated and printed on one side of the paper only.   These illustrations do not fill the whole of the page and are based on previous pictures from within the book.

Art Work

The art work is stunning in this coloring book.    Beautifully drawn illustrations of  girls of different ages fill the book.   Some are quite young girls, some more mature women.   All of the women feature different hairstyles and clothing.

The artist has a knack of creating very expressive faces on these beautiful girls with just a dab of . grey shading around the face.   This is a form of greyscale but is not as distinct as you will find in a greyscale coloring book.    Her art mainly consists of  applying a lot of texture and detail to the hair and face and using outlines for the balance of the body and any foreground or background elements.

Some of the art work is black and crisp and very easy to see.   Other pictures have a real pencil drawn finish to them that is quite sketchy and a duller black.     Varying line weights have been been used throughout.  This hand drawn look interspersed with the crisp outlines makes for an interesting picture.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment should not have any difficulty seeing the line art and may find the highly textured hair and large open elements on the page easy to work with.

Some of the illustrations do run across both pages of the coloring book.    As always in coloring books,  some of the pictures could have been better positioned to avoid the ditch in the middle of the book.      As the book lays flat easily, it should not be an issue when coloring it but had the pictures been realigned they would have created a better balance on the page.


The first print run for the book will receive a calendar.    The calendar features a small piece of line art for each month.    If you have great eye sight you may want to color it although it is printed on glossy paper.

The calendar measures

Detail Level


Where to buy


Happy coloring x



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