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Beautiful Coloring Theater of Takarazuka Coloring Book Review

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on 21 March 2017
Style: Contains Extras, double page printing
Pages: 72
Format: Card cover
Beautiful Coloring Theater of  Takarazuka  Coloring Book Review

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Beautiful Coloring Theater of  Takarazuka  Coloring Book Video Review

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Beautiful Coloring Theater of  Takarazuka  Coloring Book Review

Colouring has again given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons by learning about Takarazuka. According to Wikipedia the source of my information,  Takarazuka refers to”a Japanese all female musical theater troupe”. This cast has female performers playing all roles in the productions of Broadway musicals and often stories adapted from Japanese culture.

That’s what I love about colouring.  Every colouring book gives me an opportunity to explore something.  It may be a different culture, a new word, a different style of colouring … but there’s always a learning opportunity.

Showgirl sccene from Beautiful Coloring Theater Japanese Coloring Book

Please note the outline is dark blue not black for the illustrations which is not photographing as it is in real life.

Cover & Layout

Nozomi’s Takarazuka Coloring Theater features a purple background with a collage of coloured images from within the book. A quick glance at the cover indicates that the book is full of costumed people. The title has been printed in both English and Japanese on the cover.

On the back cover of the book you will find 4 thumbnails, one that is partially coloured, of images from the book.

On the inside cover you will find a small coloured image from within the book. On the inside back cover there are advertisements for other colouring books.

Nozomi’s Takarazuka Coloring Theater measures approximately 28.3cm x 23cm (11.2in x 9in).

Japanese coloring Book Beautiful Colouring Theatre

Please note the outline is dark blue not black for the illustrations which is not photographing as it is in real life.

Ancillary Pages

A plain title page commences the book which would be a great place to test out your mediums and your coloring style.  Over leaf you will find 8 pages of thumbnails from within the book. Each illustration has a page number as well as text in Japanese on it.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the medium to heavy white paper. Unusually, the ink is dark blue rather than black for the line art (which does not photograph true to life).

On the left hand side of each page there is text in Japanese, and sometimes English, outlining the name of the production and presumably a little about the theater work.

On the right hand side there is a full page illustration depicting a scene from the theatrical piece.

Beautiful ballgowns are featured in the Japanese Theater Coloring Book

Please note the outline is dark blue not black for the illustrations which is not photographing as it is in real life.

Beautiful Coloring Theater of  Takarazuka  Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

If you love colouring people and clothing then this book can give you a lot of variety in the imagery included. You will find ballgowns, military outfits, kimonos and showgirl outfits among this colouring book.     Not only are there different coloring styles but different Fashion eras are also incorporated into the theater works making it a nice fashion book as well as a theatrical book.

Although there is a large variety of clothing styles and fashions in the colouring book most of the clothes are outlines only and without decoration on them. This gives you the choice of how to color and decorate the clothes if you wish.

All of the pages feature people as the focal point but there are background elements as well. You will find a variety of things to color here including tropical scenery, castles, patterns and cherry blossoms.

The artist tends to use the whole of the page for the illustration in the book. Fortunately, most of the line art stops short of the spine of the book, making it easier to color. The spine, perhaps because of the thick paper used, is quite stiff and rigid to fold down but you should still be able to color areas near the spine due to the way the book has been printed.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment may find that the fine,  dark blue lines that have been used to outline the pictures difficult to see. Some images also have some finer details on them that could be challenging for the visual impaired. Fortunately, most of the outfits and background in the book have large areas of open space.  It is only a few images that are highly detailed.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”8177″]


At the end of the book you will find two pages of paper dolls, both a male and female page with accessories and outfits for each. These paper dolls and outfits can be coloured and cut out to play with.

Paper doll and outfits to colour and cut out

Detail Level


Where to buy Beautiful Coloring Theater of  Takarazuka  Coloring Book

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Happy coloring x



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