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Bambino Coloring Crayons Review

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Bambino Coloring Crayons Review

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Bambino Coloring Crayons Review – Features

  • Bambino Coloring Crayons were originally created in Poland
  • The Bambino Coloring Crayons are available in a jumbo 12 pack, 24 pack (with a different animal featured on the pack), a 24 pack in a metal tin, a special edition 24 pack with gold and silver crayons
  • Unlike most crayons, the Bambino crayons are made from kaolin clay, pigment, and a small amount of wax.   This means that they are not as waxy as most crayons and have a feel of a woodless pencil
  • Each crayon has a wrapper that features a different animal
  • The Bambino crayons are usually packaged in a cardboard box with the crayons pre-sharpened
  • Crayons can be sharpened with a normal sharpener
  • The Bambino crayons can be erased and are smudge-proof
  • There is a lot of pigment in the crayons as you can see from the swatch below
  • They are easy to layer and blend and the white crayon is great to tint and highlight
  • The Bambino crayons are NOT water soluble
  • Crayons are often easy to use if you are suffering from a hand injury or arthritis

Bambino Coloring Crayons Swatch

Bambino Coloring Crayons swatch

Where to Buy Bambino Coloring Crayons

The Bambino crayons are easier to obtain if you are in Europe.  At the time of writing, I have not located an Australian supplier :(.   The Etailer listed below is where I obtained my crayons from

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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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