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Alice in Wonderland – An Enchanting Coloring Book – Fabiana Attansio

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by Fabiana Attanasio
Published by Sterling Children's Books on June 14th 2016
Style: double page printing, Poster
Pages: 80
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue Binding

Bring your favorite tales and characters to life through the magic of coloring. This enchanting retelling of Alice in Wonderland will delight colorists as they add color to Fabiana Attanasio’s illustrations and make every page unique.

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Alice in Wonderland – An Enchanting Coloring Book

In case you are in any doubt, I love Alice in Wonderland.    My idea of heaven would be a Mad Hatter Tea Party with cupcakes and coloring books.    As soon as I noticed there was a new Alice coloring book being released, I had to have it!

My new Alice book measures 26cm x 21.5cm (approximately  10 1/4 in x 8.5 in) and is quite compact although a little chunky.  Like, its companion, Peter Pan, released at the same time the book is chunky because it also includes a poster to remove and color.   The matt cover has a lovely red spine and some pre-colored printing on it in shades of blue, green, red, and gold.  If you wish, you could color the cover.   The cover folds out and has an inner front and back design of cards that you can also color in  The back is folded and sealed to protect the poster that is included with the book.

Alice in Wonderland double page scenes

Alice in Wonderland double-page scenes – Mad Hatters Tea Party

The initial title page is bland and will be a good spot to test out your mediums on.    Over the page we find a lovely two-page spread of yummy cakes on the table introducing the book. All Alice in Wonderland coloring books, that I have seen have some point of difference from each other.    This one has a condensed story at the front of the book, similar to the Peter Pan book.  There are a few elements to color on the abridged story but the real coloring is in the balance of the book.   The shortened version of “Alice in Wonderland” is 5 pages.

Alice falling down the rabbit hole

Alice in Wonderland

The paper is white and smooth and of medium weight.    The illustrations feature a traditional form of Alice.     The images have all been printed on both sides of the paper.    This is a shame.  Although there are a dozen or so double-page scenes, many of these could have been modified to fit a single page.   There are 3 double-page spreads that feature a black background.  Some of the illustrations run into the spine of the book.  This area is notoriously tricky to color 🙁

The outlines of the illustration are lovely and clear.  Crisp, black line work is featured with a fine to medium line weight.  I have no trouble seeing the outlines of any of the illustrations without the benefit of my glasses.

Cheshire Cat with black printed background

Alice falling down the rabbit hole with black printed background

I am biased, so I will love Alice always in whatever forms she takes 🙂    These drawings of Alice remind me of the Alice in storybooks that I had as a child.    The more traditional model of Alice.   I can imagine her in her blue dress chatting to the Cheshire Cat 🙂  You will see pictures of  Alice sleeping under a tree, falling down the rabbit hole, white rabbit cameo appearances, an array of animals, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Queen of Hearts.    There are a few patterns interspersed for variety including playing cards and teacups.  I adore these classic fairy tales revisited as modern coloring books for adults.   Not only are they therapeutic, reliving perhaps happier times in childhood but they are such beautiful gifts to give.   I would love to color one and give it as a gift to a new, or not-so-new mother.

Alice and the Queen of Hearts

Alice and the Queen of Hearts

The lovely variety of illustrations makes this book suitable for all types of colorists of all skill levels.    Although many drawings have a lot of detail they also have larger spaces which are ideal for those colorists that suffer from visual or motor impairment or have arthritis in their hands, wrists, or fingers.

In order to make the book lay down flat to color the tricky parts in or near the spine, you will need to be forceful.   My fairy taps had little effect on the spine of this book which required two full hands push (perhaps I’m weak from lack of coffee?).

Alice in Wonderland An Enchanting Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video flip through review of  the Alice in Wonderland Enchanting Coloring Book & Poster below:


The poster is approximately 67cm wide and 96cm in length.

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About Fabiana Attanasio

Fabiana Attanasio was born in Rome in 1985. After graduating from the International School of Comics, she began her artistic career in the field of comics, before dedicating herself completely to illustration. She is currently working with publishers all over the world. Fabiana lives in Italy.

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