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Alice Misa – Heart Dreams Picture Book (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) Coloring Book Review

Alice Misa Heart Dreams Picture Book Buy from the Artist/Author|Buy from Etailer
by Alice Misa
on 2017
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue & Stitched

Alice Misa Heart Dreams Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Alice Misa from Taiwan.

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Alice Misa Heart Dreams  Coloring Book  Review

Of course,  if I see an Alice in Wonderland based coloring book that takes my fancy I’m going to grab it.    Even better, if the coloring book comes from a country in the world that I haven’t got a coloring book from.   That means I can add it to my collecting coloring books from around the world collection.

As soon as I seen a picture of this Taiwanese coloring book,  I knew I had to have it.    Alice Misa from Taiwan has created this coloring book based on Alice in Wonderland.    It is completely different from my other Alice in Wonderland coloring books with music and lyrics throughout, doodles and full page scenes.      The other things that made this a one off unique book for me were the bonus treats that Alice included in the package as well.

Cover & Layout

The glossy card cover of Alice Misa’s coloring book features an abundance of doodles with a rainbow splash of color on the left.    A touch of gold foil highlighting adds a little luxury to the book.     You can see Alice at the bottom of the cover with a surprised look on her face at all the doodles popping from what appears to be her imagination.  The fold out flap continues the cover art with some details about the artist at the foot.

On the back cover the rainbow fo colors appears to frame text on the back which continues to the fold out flap.

This coloring book measures approximately 25cm x 25cm.

Ancillary Pages

At the start of the book an adorable line art Alice opens the book  with a colored red background of hearts to the right.   When you purchase from the artist direct, she signs the book for you and adds a few little doodles as a personal touch which is really nice.

A double page follows with a red background and a pattern of hearts in the heart shape.

By this time,  your mind may automatically be thinking of the Red Queen with all the red colors popping up.

A preface follows which has also been written in English.    The artist explains that this books contains a series of stories that have taken her over 10 years to complete.

A colored picture follows under the chapter heading Color Paintings,  then Drawing Story featuring  6 colored thumbnails from the artist.    Alice is a talented illustrator and colorist and you may find yourself inspired by her colored art.

A page featuring more color paintings follows which are truly stunning.    I believe that the artist is a massive fan of Alice in Wonderland and this is reflected in her work that dates back to 2014 on some paintings.

More colored art shows under the heading Line.    I’m not sure but I think Line is the name of a website used in some Asian countries where a  lot of sticker based designs are sold among other things.    Don’t hold me to it though as this part of the book is not written in English.

More Color Paintings follow as well as a colored images in banner form under the title of Creation.    They all have an instantly recognisable Alice theme but Alice looks different, cuter and sometimes sexier than we have seen her in other books.

The book has been divided into chapters and the pages have been numbered.    The first Chapter – Heart Dreams shows a music score and lyrics or a story written above in what I presume is Taiwanese on one page and English on the facing page.    This would be a great place to test out your mediums before you dive into the coloring book proper.

Chapter No. 2 is titled Afternoon Tea,  Chapter 3 – Color Pictures, Chapter 4 – Happy Party and ending with an Epilogue.

Publishing details and a note from the artist are at the end of the book with another pattern of hearts, this time on a white background.    This would also be an ideal spot to test out your mediums.

A double page spread with the heart theme with a black background makes a lovely conclusion to the coloring book by repeating the theme from the start.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the ivory, medium quality paper.   the paper has a light tooth making it ideal for layering pencils.

All of the illustrations have been aligned portrait style within the book.

Although there are some pages where line art does merge to the spine of the book, this should not be an issue as the book lays down flat quite well with minimal effort.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in this coloring book are so different, that you could look at the page for h alf an hour and still see new things.      Mainly the artistic style is a doodle and manga look.     There are pages filled with small elements that may suit the Chapter that it relates to.  Interspersed among the elements you might find text like a short story or text simply naming the image.  Often at the bottom of he page you will find a name for the art work.

There are pages with simple outlined doodles, others that are far more intricate.   Pages that hae scenes based on a quirky view of Alice in Wonderland and pages that have a poster like appearance to them.

You will find that there are characters in the book that have been named and there is a section at pages 110-111 showing them in line art and providing their name.

I can guarantee one t hing,  you have never seen Alice in Wonderland interpreted like this with scenes of Christmas, Halloween and singing in a band.

A dull black has been used to outline the art work.     You will find that some of the line art has a thicker line weight than others.    Many of the illustrations feature solid black as well.     The lines are very clear and easy to see, particularly for those with a minor visual impairment.     Colorists that are visually or  motor impaired may find though that there are too many small elements on the page to color.   If that is the case,  and you fancied the book,  I would just leave them blank or color wash over them.

Please click on an image to view more detail

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Detail Level



This is the first time that I’ve had quite so many treats included with a coloring book.   The gorgeous Alice colored postcard that I could never bear to part with,  the four postcards with line art for you to color (if your eyesight is good enough) adn the limited edition face mask.

Where to buy Alice Misa Heart Dreams (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Artist Etailer

Happy coloring x



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