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Alice in Wonderland Kawade Shobo Coloring Book Review

Alice in Wonderland Kawade Shobo Coloring Book Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon JP
on 25 August 2011
Style: color inspiration images, Paper: medium quality, Perforated pages, single page illustrations
Format: Soft cover
Alice in Wonderland Kawade Shobo Coloring Book Review

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Coloring Book  Review

I have been looking at this coloring book for a long time now online wondering why it was a bit cheaper than other Japanese coloring books. Finally I bit the bullet and bought it to find out why it was so cheap. I was so impressed with this book! There’s a lot of other coloring books by the same publisher with Disney themes that I’ll soon be adding to my collection.    Aren’t they cute!   There are some also in postcard format as well.

Cover & Layout

The cover has a soft cover with a glossy  dust jacket.   The card cover has a gorgeous illustration on the glossy card with pink printing.

Unusually,  this coloring book features colored illustrations  printed on glossy paper and line art printed on medium to heavy perforated paper.

The coloring book measures 8.5 in x 11 in approximately

Ancillary Pages

The title page features Alice in color.   Over page there are colored thumbnails for each of the 11 illustrations included in the book.

Two pages follow which show you step by step colored pencil techniques.   Sadly I cannot read the text which probably would add more value to the accompanying images.  One subscriber has told me of an ipad translator app where I can scan the page to translate.  I haven’t yet tested it out …but I’m hoping this will help with a lot of my translation issues.

You will not believe what follows ……… full page colored illustrations for each picture in the book!

Gorgeous 3/4 page colored images of each of the pieces of  line art in the book.    They all have an accompanying description and number as well and tell a little abridged version of my favorite fairy tale.   Personally,  I would have been happy to just pay the price for these pretty pictures!

Once the colored pages finish the pages in the book change to coloring book paper.     The first page is a decorated text title page featuring a scaled down Alice.  This would be a great spot to test out your mediums or the last page in the book which has copyright information.


Each illustration is printed on perforated, medium to heavy ivory paper which has a faint texture to it.    All the images are single sided so you can use the mediums of your choice on the book.   As always, I would pop a piece of paper between to ensure that you do not get dents or damage the next page in the book.    As the pages are perforated you can also remove the page and color on a clipboard or a desk if you prefer.

The illustrations do not quite fill the A4 page with white space top and bottom.    Each image has been well positioned and centered so as to avoid the spine and perforation area.  All of the illustrations are orientated portrait style.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

All of the pages feature a traditional looking Alice in Wonderland and from what I could translate from the product page, it appears these are reprints based on a book from 1951.  As well as Alice favorite characters like the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit,  Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum also are featured.

The Line art in the book is crisp and easy to see although it is sepia/brown not black.      Some lines are clearly formed and outlined in a slightly heavier weight to others to indicate they are in the foreground of the image.   While other details like tree leaves have softer liners and a sketchier appearance to allow for a painterly effect.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment may like that there are large open elements in many of the illustrations.   The line art that has a painterly effect would give colorists the option to use a watercolor and color wash these areas. rather than color each detail individually.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”11797″]

Detail Level


Where to buy

Amazon Japan Amazon UK

Happy coloring x



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