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Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Coloring Book Review

Alice Down The Rabbit Hole: Coloring Book Buy on Book Depository|Buy from Bol in The Netherlands
by Isobel Lundie
Published by Scribo on August 1st 2017
Style: double page printing
Pages: 40
Format: Card cover

This magical coloring book takes kids down the rabbit hole with Alice!Curiouser and curiouser . . . and very enchanting! Journey with Alice down the rabbit hole in this charming, unique coloring book inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved children’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. Each exquisitely detailed and imaginative illustration captures Alice’s experience as she tumbles down, down, down into Wonderland.

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Coloring Book Review

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Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Coloring Book  Review

It goes without saying …if there’s an Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book I must have it.     This is a book that I was a little bit wary about purchasing.     The description of the page count for it was quite low. I was wondering if I would end up with a very thin book, with not a lot in it.   Fortunately,   the coloring book when it arrived has an adequate amount of coloring pages for the price and quality of the book.

I love it when artists give the story of Alice a new twist.   This illustrator has done just that by concentrating on the journey down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.   It makes for a refreshingly different spin on the story and brings about illustrations that we may not have imagined before.

Cover & Layout

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole is presented in a pad format with top binding.   Colorists that are left handed may find that this format is easier to color than the traditional left side binding.

The front cover features line art with tittle, artist and some elements in gold foil.    We see a missing person poster for Alice and her little legs up in the air in a quirky picture that features the jungle.   On the back cover the theme changes to a mad scientist type lab with lab equipment and a skeleton featured.    This is certainly a different type of Alice book!

The inside cover features a pink background with tea party elements in red that give the book a cheery and high quality appearance.

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole measures approximately 25cm x 25cm.

Ancillary Pages

The front title page features Alice with her head down the rabbit hole and we can see skeletal remains of other animals beneath the soil.   I did mention that this book was a very different take on Alice in Wonderland 🙂 On the back of this page there is text explaining that Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole was very slow, giving her opportunity to see what was happening which is the theme for this book.


The illustrations have been printed on both sides of the white, medium quality paper.

Unusually for a coloring book all of the pages are double page scenes but are vertical rather than horizontal.  This is to mimic the journey down a section of the rabbit hole.

The binding is quite good on this coloring book.   A little firm pressure helps the page lay down flat to color, which is important for the layout and theme of this coloring book.

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The theme of this book down the rabbit hole is one that I haven’t seen used in an entire coloring book before and I must say I adore it.    It’s a different take on a real classic and gives the artist a massive opportunity to be as imaginative as they fancy.

In the book,  Alice has only a cameo role and it is more about the things and people that she is likely to meet as she falls deeper down the hole on her way to Wonderland.  The Alice character is very simply drawn and has a cartoonish appearance which contrasts with the background elements.

You will find interior scenes featuring maps, books and cupboards, portraits and clocks, abandoned toys and games, kitchen ware, maritime accessories, a jungle, quirky gnomes, the ocean floor, cacti and greenhouses, people, buildings,  sweet treats, an abundance of hats, all the fun things found at the carnival, a forest and of course a science lab scene.    I have never seen another Alice book pack so many different types of scenes in the one book.

Absent are any of the characters, other than Alice from the Lewis Carroll story…because this is just the start of Alice’s journey into Wonderland.

The book finishes with Alice landing at the bottom of the rabbit hole which together with the illustrations tell a real quirky Alice in Wonderland story with a twist.    However,  the images and scenes could just as well be marketed as any other book.    Colorists that do not fancy Alice in Wonderland as much as I do,  could happily color this as nothing screams Alice to the non Alice lover.

The line art has been created in a dull black which has, in some parts, a sketchy appearance and in others a crisper, refined line.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment, may find that the medium to thick lines are easy to see but there may be too much detail on the page to enjoy coloring.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”10401″]

Detail Level


Where to buy  Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Coloring Book

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