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Alice 150th Birthday – Adult Colouring Book

Alice 150th Birthday - an adult coloring book Buy on Amazon US|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Rick St. dennis
on September 2015
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Soft cover

A unique and original take on Alice in Wonderland showing the well known characters from the popular fairy tale by Lewis Carroll

Alice 150th Birthday – Adult Colouring Book

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Alice 150th Birthday Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Alice 150th Birthday by Rick St Dennis.

Alice 150th Birthday Review

As most readers know,  I go weak at the knees for Alice in Wonderland.   There’s just something about Alice.      When I seen this coloring book last year, by artist Rick St Dennis I just had to have it.   Unfortunately, like so many of my coloring books, she has been on the shelf or down the rabbit hole, for a while 🙂

I always love seeing the different ways that artists interpret my favorite fairy tale.   Sometimes I don’t care for their interpretation that much because it does not gel with my own emotional attachment to Alice.  Other times I just love it.     This one is different from my other “Alice” books and I quite like the way that the story has been portrayed in a quirky style that befits this tale.   However, I can’t help feeling though that there’s just not enough Alice in this cute coloring book for me.

Cover & Layout

Alice 150th Birthday  is a soft cover coloring book.    The glossy cover features Alice, the star of the show, surrounded by the cast of  wonderland with a psychedelic color palette over the top.   That should give you an idea of what is inside 🙂 The beautiful Alice does not appear as youthful as she does in the original fairy.   I think she may have celebrated her 150th birthday with a few lip filler injections Angelina style.   This different take on the characters I love, can be a bit confronting for a besotted Alice fan like me, and it took me a while to warm to a buck toothed White Rabbit.    Although it’s not my normal idea of  Alice in Wonderland I still like this book as it is has such a quirky and very original charm.

The book is small, handbag sized.    It measures approximately 21.8 cm x 14.8 cm approximately (8.5 in x 5.7 in approximately).   You can see it below compared to a well known coloring book to get an idea of sizing.

Ancillary Pages

The cover art has been reproduced as the title page in the book.  A dedication and copyright information is over leaf.    You can find out more about the artist, Rick St Dennis on the last page which has information on his website and other products.    Using the last page would be a good choice to test out your mediums without damaging other pages in the book.

The font used on these pages is quite difficult to read if you have minor visual impairment.


Illustrations have all been presented on one side of the white, trade stock quality paper.   On the reverse of each image is a little snippet from Alice together with a small related image that you could color in.    All of the images are orientated portrait style and there are no double page scenes within the book.

The images are not the full size of the page having a border of white space surrounding them.    This is great for ease of coloring and if you wished to frame some of the pictures.

Alice 150th Birthday Images and Illustrations

All of  your favorite characters from Alice have been represented in the book but, as I said before,  I want more Alice!     There are 25 images within the book including the cover art of Alice as the title page.  That page has been duplicated again sans title.        As Alice is the Birthday girl, I would have loved to have seen a few more of Alice preferably with some of the characters from the book.

Rick St Dennis is an incredibly talented artist.    He is able to produce quirky and fun pictures that represent a well told story in a different way.    His artistic style that is cute and slightly creepy produces a quirky effect and it gives well known characters  like the White Rabbit a whole revamped look from other coloring books and illustrations.

Art work has been outlined in a dull black  and has variable line weights.     Rick St Dennis uses hatching and layers of hatching in order to show dimension and texture throughout the images.    This results in an image that has areas indicated where shadowing should be for the colorist.

The illustrations fill the entire page with the main character, various other elements and background detail.

For those colorists that have minor visual impairment you may find the amount of hatching and detail distracting and difficult to see.     Colorists that suffer from arthritis or motor skill issues, may like the elements that have large open spaces, but may find that the amount of detail that is packed in to a small page and in a small area, challenging.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”7550″]

Detail  Level


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