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Adult Coloring Book – Stress Relieving Cats

Adult Coloring Book - Stress Relieving Cats
Written by coloringqueen
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by Adult Coloring Book Artists
Published by Blue Star Coloring Style: Instructions - Tips, single page illustrations
Pages: 80
Format: Soft cover

Stress Relieving Cats features 30 detailed designs featuring everyone's favorite furry, purring Zen masters, lovingly reproduced with industry-leading quality.

A variety of breeds, poses and styles of cats features in the book which comprise outlines of cats with patterns within. Hours of simple coloring suitable for those new to coloring, seniors and those that dislike highly complex illustrations.

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Adult Coloring Book – Stress Relieving Cats

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book has been created by Blue Star Publishing.  You may be familiar with that company as they publish a number of coloring books, many of which are Amazon best sellers.

The cover is soft glossy cover which is usual with Blue Star Coloring.   The cover has been completed colored so that you can get some design inspiration.  On the back cover the design has been partially colored in.   The book measures approximately 28cm x 21.5cm (approximately 11 in x 8.5 in).   Blue Star publishing always use the same format in every one of the coloring books they publish.   This one is no different 🙂   At the start of the book you are greeted with the title page which reflects the cover of the book.    It is always a relief for me when I find the cover page immediately on opening the book.    The cover is usually the thing that has lured me to purchase the book, particularly when buying online.   At the start of the book, Blue Star give you tips for enjoying your book and where you can share your completed colored pieces online with them.

There are 30 illustrations to color within the book plus the title page.    The paper is white and thin.   It is the type of paper used by most independent coloring book artists.    The illustrations have been printed on single pages. There are illustrations that are portrait and landscape.  On the rear of each illustration the page has been numbered which I find very handy.  I would advise putting a blotter page between the pages to absorb any dents from pressing with your pencils or bleeding from markers.

The line work is on the whole very good being black and generally of a medium weight.   There are some lines that are quite fine and delicate on one illustration below.

Adult Coloring Book - Stress Relieving Cats

Stress Relieving Cats – Adult Coloring Book


The majority of the drawings are outlined well making it a book that would be suitable for those with visual impairments.   There are a lot of large spaces to color that have well defined black lines.  The book would also be suitable for the cat loving senior and for those new to coloring.   Skilled colorists could enhance the images with detailed blending and shading techniques whilst others may prefer to just enjoy the less detailed images.  The illustrations that have a background scene all have a fine border around them.    The remaining illustrations do not have a border.   All of the illustrations have been well placed on the page to avoid the spine area, where coloring can be problematic.

Stress Relieving Cats - Adult Coloring Book

Stress Relieving Cats – Cats In Boxes

There are some fun images in the book, cats in boxes, with wool, in space amongst other things.  I’m particularly fond of the cats with the “Hissing Booth” 🙂  Initially, I was disappointed because I wanted to see more illustrations with backgrounds in them.  On my second view of the book I realised that there were, in fact, quite a number of illustrations with other elements and backgrounds in them.   It is always a good idea to have a variety of images in a book with some simple, some patterns, and some that will take longer to do.   That way you can appeal to the varied lives of colorists.  Blue Star, as usual, balances the image type very well.

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video flip through review of Adult Coloring Book:  Stress Relieving Cats below:

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  • Hi Lea,
    I love your youtube channel. It is a huge help to be able to see the images inside the books. I for one would love to see some of your coloring efforts . I think it’s fun to see the perfect pages that some people are doing but I also think that seeing different levels of coloring would be great. Just saying, thanks again, Beth Bartlett

    • Thanks Beth 🙂 My coloring efforts are coming soon, together with tons of other posts that I still have in draft form 🙁 Unfortunately, I’ve been sick for the last month so I’m really running behind schedule!