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13 Kamnata Coloring Book Review

13 Kamnata Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by Vladislava Schafferhans
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Spiral Bound

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13 Kamnata Coloring Book Review

13 Kamnata Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of 13 Kamnata Coloring Book by Czech artist, Vladislava Schafferhans.
The title loosely translates in English to The 13th Chamber

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13 Kamnata Coloring Book  Review

This is the second coloring book by artist, Vladislava Schafferhans. As I understand it, the 13 Kamnata Coloring Book was named because originally it was expected that it would have 13 illustrations in it. However, this number grew until it became filled with 28 coloring pages. There are a variety of images within the book but the distinctive thing, for me, is the line art which is quite different from other books.

Cover & Layout

The front cover shows a beautiful colored illustration of a fairy asleep on the door to what looks like a fairy house. It could be that our fairy has stayed out past her bedtime and be locked out for the night or she may just be too tired to open the door with her key hanging from her waist. In any event, it is a cute image to start the book.  Copyright information has been printed on the reverse side of the thin cover card.

The back cover is plain white and has a sturdier backing.There is nothing to color in on either cover.

You immediately notice that the book is large ring spiral bound. Without the spiral binding the book measures 25cm x 25cm.


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Ancillary Pages

At the start of the book the title has been decorated with an image of a girl in a book holding a burnt out candle.    The arm on the girl appears to be out of proportion with the rest of her which makes you wonder if there is a  hidden person behind this image.   This is the only page to test out your mediums.


Illustrations have been printed on one side only on the good quality, white, medium weight paper.     The illustrations can be torn out from the book, carefully from the ring binding.

All of the art work has been well positioned and centered on the page for ease of coloring.

There are no double page scenes in the book.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

There are a variety of illustrations in this book from cute little animals, fairies, mermaids and gnomes but it is not a pure fantasy book nor is it a pure cute animals book.     Other illustrations include realistic birds, beautiful women and some spooky scenes with ghosts and a grim reaper type image.

All of the art work has a few common points.   It has all been designed in a circular shape rather than a square to fit the page and it all has a hand drawn appearance.   The line art is really unusual and is what strikes you when you first look at the book.   It is not black and white and it is not greyscale.   It is somewhere in between.    Lines are drawing in a dull black and have varying weights.   Some lines are crisp but others have a textured look that is almost smudged.   It is a very unusual look and I’d love to know what the correct artistic name for this style is.

Throughout the illustrations there are a couple of pages featuring an open book with text in Czech on them.   If eel that these pages may give me a clue about the 13th Chamber if only I could read them!

The 13th Chamber has a wide variety of images so it is a great book to suit different moods.    There are images with more open spaces and images that have a lot of detail and different levels of complexity.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment may find that the style of line art will require some adjustment.    The line art is very readable but the blurred appearance may take some adapting.

Please click on an image to view more detail

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Detail Level


Where to buy 13 Kamnata Coloring Book

Czech Bookstore

Please note:  I am  unaware of any other outlets distributing this book.

Happy coloring x


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  • Another lovely gathering of image and word from you Lea. The book, ive tried to source everywhere and I think your right , it is only from the site you have above. I think its sad that publications like this are not shared across the book world and ive no idea why . I would buy this with no hesitation if it was easily accessible but I’m getting a bit jaded with searching and waiting. I like the format of this book with its spirals and the way she / he has created the image in an ever circling flowing motion of colour. The word “smudged” is perfect for me and watching the video the other day I found myself wondering if it was on purpose or by mistake of poor printing. Either way it looks good. I personally love the Harvest scene you think is of deathly persuasion. Its as if the world of darkness and ugly evils is being grown on the new harvest wheat ! My husband has just bought me a great desk 120cm long to work on. I am thrilled because it means I can get my big collage and mixed media books out and use my cutouts of some colouring books images to utilise in grand scale. Cant wait……….