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100 Creaciones Naturaleza Edicion Especial Coloring Book Review

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on 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 103
Format: Glue Binding, Hard back
100 Creaciones Naturaleza Edicion Especial Coloring Book Review

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100 Creaciones Naturaleza Edicion Especia Coloring Book Video Review

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100 Creaciones Naturaleza Edicion Especia Coloring Book  Review

At the time of writing,  there are 4  coloring books produced in The Netherlands in this series.   Each coloring book has a distinctive shape either round with round pages or flower shaped like this one with flower shaped pages.    This method of cutting out the book in a shape other than square or rectangle is what makes these books so different in the coloring book marketplace.

Previoiusly I have reviewed 100 Creaties the first book in the series and 100 Nieuw Creaties the third coloring book in the series.  Both of these books are round and are mandala based.   The second, coloring book in its original Dutch edition,  is the flower based book.    The Dutch edition of this book is often sold out and unavailable when I have been trying to find it to add to my collection.   As a last resort, becasue I cannot bear not to have the set,  I purchased the Spanish Imprint of the book.   The Spanish edition is more widely available and not out of stock as may happen wit the original Dutch version.    I still would like the Dutch edition, just to satisfy my sense of order 🙂

Cover & Layout

A thick card cover starts the book with a short spine.   Colored flowers feature on the front and back cover.    You will immediately notice the unusual petal shape which makes hte book a one of a kind in coloring book layouts.

The coloring book measures 9.8 in x 9.8 in approximately.

Ancillary Pages

A gorgeous lilac colored nameplate page decorate with flowers forms a nameplate page for the book.  This is followed by a plain text title page with publishing information on the reverse.   Another page of text in Spanish follows.   The preceding pages could all be used to test your meidums before diving in.


There are 100 pages in the book all featuring floral and nature based images.    Each page is printed on one side of the white, light to medium quality paper.  On the reverse of each page the line art used on the nameplate page has been printed.   This could be used to write your name, mediums used and hte date colored.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The images in this book have not been credited to an artist.  I believe that they are stock images that have been compiled in the book.   Although I value hand drawn art far more than stock images,  I still like to color these images from time to time.

In the coloring book you will find a massive variety of flowers.  If you are wanting to practice coloring flowers you have an abundance of choice here from highly petalled flowers to more simple designs.  As well as flowers there are other nature based images like leaves, mushrooms and butterflies.

With over 100 illustrations in the book you can easily bypass the images that are too detailed for your liking (or not detailed enough).

The line art varies in width, and I suspect that the images originate from multiple artists which explains the variaiton.   All of the line art is crisp and easy to see.

The uniqueness of the book is in the shape of it.   You could image colored images, removed carefully from the binding and framed with their fun look.

My only negative with the book is that the images could have been arranged and positioned on the petal shape in a way to enhance the unique shape.  This would have created a far more interesting book in my opinion.

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Detail Level


Where to buy 100 Creaciones Naturaleza Edicion Especial Colouring Book

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